elton jantjies, springboks, zeenat simjee, iva ristic

Elton Jantjies has praised his wife Iva Ristic, a year on from his alleged affair with Springboks dietician Zeenat Simjee.
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‘Anchor’: Elton Jantjies gushes over wife, a year after affair scandal

Despite being left off the Springboks squad and an alleged affair scandal, Elton Jantjies has thanked his wife Iva for being his ‘anchor’.

elton jantjies, springboks, zeenat simjee, iva ristic

Elton Jantjies has praised his wife Iva Ristic, a year on from his alleged affair with Springboks dietician Zeenat Simjee.
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A year ago, Springboks player Elton Jantjies and team dietician Zeenat Simjee made headlines over their alleged illicit affair. 

The duo were reportedly spotted together at a guesthouse in Mbombela.

However, the rugby player is making ammends for his actions after praising his wife, Iva Ristic, and their family of five.

As previously reported by The South African, Elton was released from the Springboks squad with his Rugby World Cup dreams ending before they even began.

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While Elton Jantjies has no doubt been left disappointed after failing to make the Springboks squad ahead of the Rugby World Cup, he remains in good spirits.

Taking to his Instagram account, the 32-year-old praised his wife, Iva Ristic.

“Nothing is impossible with our anchor.”

Despite his alleged affair with Zeenat Simjee making headlines, Elton and Iva have remained close. They often feature on each other’s social media accounts.

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The couple – who wed in 2019 and share three sons – have shared posts from their travels together. Iva – a model and DJ – is based in Alanya, Turkey, while Elton resides in France, where he plays for team Agen.

It’s unclear if the couple are just co-parenting or are giving their relationship another go.


In December, Iva Ristic told The South African that the couple would finalise their divorce after the festive season.

And despite their marriage breakdown playing out in the public eye, Iva shared that she and Elton were on “great terms” – as friends and co-parents.

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Iva said at the time: “Elton is doing really well. We are on great terms though we talk every day. I am still his biggest supporter, and he is mine.

“I am honestly proud of us for managing to keep the friendship going.”

She added: “Yes, [we are] going formalize our divorce very soon. It’s been a chaotic period for both of us moving countries, but after the holidays will definitely focus more on that.

Elton jantjies, springboks, iva ristic, zeenat simjee
Elton Jantjies has seemingly reunited with estranged wife Iva Ristic. Images via Instagram: @eltonjantjies

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Here is a quick recap of Elton Jantjies’s alleged scandal with Springboks Zeenat Simjee last year.

  • In August, Elton and Zeenat made headlines after an eyewitness spotted them at a guesthouse in Mbombela. The duo were accused of having a romantic relationship after being spotted together amid the Springboks’ Rugby Championship match against the All Blacks.
  • A month later, both Elton and Zeenat denied the affair in separate statements.
  • In October, Zeenat returned to the Springboks squad, but Elton was left off, reportedly due to an injury. That same month, the flyhalf checks into rehab over his injury and addiction to sleeping pills.
  • In November, Zeenat claimed that a woman who looked strikingly similar to her was at the centre of a love triangle with the athlete.
  • Elton then made a U-turn and confessed, claiming that the affair did happen. He also shut down Zeenat’s claims that he had an affair with her “lookalike.”
  • According to wife Iva Ristic, the “affair” began the year she wed Elton in 2019. She also claims Zeenat “blocked” her when she confronted her over the allegations.
  • Late in the year, Iva and her three children relocated from Japan to Turkey after Elton left his club, NTT DoCoMo Red Hurricanes to join Agen.
elton Jantjies
Elton Jantjies and Zeenat Simjee. Image via Instagram @eltonjantjies/ YouTube screenshot