Spotted: Andile Mpisane and Ka

Kamo Mphela is rumoured to be dating Andile Mpisane. Images via Instagram @kamo_mphelaxx @andilempisane10.

Spotted: Andile Mpisane and Kamo Mphela…AGAIN [photos]

After rumours of the pair secretly dating, Royal AM chairperson Andile Mpisane and dancer Kamo Mphela have been spotted together… again.

Spotted: Andile Mpisane and Ka

Kamo Mphela is rumoured to be dating Andile Mpisane. Images via Instagram @kamo_mphelaxx @andilempisane10.

Royal AM chairperson and footballer Andile Mpisane and dancer Kamo Mphela have yet again been spotted together. A video of the pair was shared to the Instagram stories of The Popcorn Room over the past weekend. 


Andile Mpisane and Kamo Mphela are rumoured to be romantically linked. In May, City Press reported that the pair have been secretly dating for months. This is likely to be because of Andile’s public relationship with the mother of his children, influencer Sithelo Shozi. The pair also reportedly could not keep their hands off each other while at a club in morningside, Durban.

“Kamo’s at eThekweni every weekend that she isn’t booked to perform somewhere else. She’s younger, so the family’s obviously more affectionate towards her and even Ma Mkhize doesn’t mind her existence in Andile’s life,” said a source to the publication.

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Popular Instagram page, The Popcorn Room shared videos of the pair spotted together again. It is unclear where Andile and Kamo are in the video, but they appear to be chilling together with some friends, which had tongues wagging.

In the video Andile and Kamo are seen hanging out while a guy takes a video in the mirror. Andile is seen turning back and running away from the camera when he notices that he is on camera. Kamo then jumps in the video with the guy. 

Screenshot from Instagram @_thepopcornroom.

Andile has two children with Sithelo and it is also rumoured that the pair have gotten married. Andile’s mom, reality star and businesswoman Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize did not initially approve of his relationship with Sithelo. This may be due to the significant age difference. The footballer is only 20 years old while Sithelo is 27. 


The influencer reportedly began dating the footballer when he was only 17 years old. The pair welcomed their first child together when Andile was only 19 years old. Kamo Mphela on the other hand is only a year older than the Royal AM chairperson. She is 21 years old.

A source revealed that the family bought Sithelo a Mercedes-Benz G-Class and told her to stay in their family home in Pietermaritzburg. 

“They bought her a Mercedes-Benz G-Class and told her to stay in the Pietermaritzburg family home, which is also their clubhouse. Andile sees her once in a while when she’s there with the team,” said a source to City Press.

“She was asked to leave their home in KwaMhlanga. She stays close by so that the family can have easy access to the child,” the source continued.

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