Charlize Theron

Actress Charlize Theron speaking Afrikaans. @Life_Love_USA

FIVE times Charlize Theron spoke Afrikaans in Hollywood [WATCH]

South African-born actress Charlize Theron has been an advocate for the Afrikaans language in Hollywood, despite calling it unhelpful.

Charlize Theron

Actress Charlize Theron speaking Afrikaans. @Life_Love_USA

We go through actress Charlize Theron’s five interviews, where she spoke Afrikaans after facing fierce criticism in 2022 from South Africans, who dragged her for saying her mother tongue, is “a dying language.”  

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The Monster actress Charlize Theron angered South Africans when she revealed in an episode of the “Smartless” podcast that the language that she grew up speaking was fading out and “there’s about 44 people still speaking Afrikaans”.  


Before the 2022 revelation, Theron reportedly gave a first full interview in Afrikaans in over a decade in 2019, where she said that her mother ‘interviews’ her in Afrikaans every day.  

“Wel my ma interview my elke dag so…” the actress said.  

She also revealed that she has Afrikaans literature in her house. She said she read Jock of the Bushveld to her children the other day and that she has five or six films from the South African actor and comedian Al Debbo that she watches from time to time.  

“Do you know who he is?” she asked the interviewer. “No…you’re too young,” she jokingly continued.  

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Theron revealed i an interview with James Corden that she often spoke Afrikaans in public with her mother and was complaining about someone in the language when the man turned around and responded in Afrikaans.  

“I took a flight to New York, we were not even anywhere close to Africa. And this guy was very rude.  

“We were trying to get our luggage at the carousel and my mom and I were just literally ripping at him (in Afrikaans) thinking that he couldn’t understand a word and he just turned around and just looked at us and said: ‘Ek kan alles hoor wat julle sê‘ (‘I understand what you’re saying’).  


The Monster actress Charlize Theron also taught talented actor David Oyelowo and Vanity Fair some Afrikaans slang, including stukkie and bakvissie.  

TshisaLIVE reports that the video was popular with over four million views on YouTube  


The South African-born actress sat down with then CNN host Piers Morgan in 2011 and taught him a few words of her home language.  

Theron admitted in the interview that it was difficult to be an Afrikaans speaker when there was only one other person who spoke the language around her. 

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