Matthew Booth Sonia Booth

Cheesecake trends on Twitter after Sonia Booth exposes Matthew Booth for alleged affair. Image via Twitter @joy_zelda.

Sonia Booth seeks protection order against estranged husband

The estranged wife of soccer legend Matthew Booth, Sonia, has detailed a series of concerning incidents in her restraining order application

Matthew Booth Sonia Booth

Cheesecake trends on Twitter after Sonia Booth exposes Matthew Booth for alleged affair. Image via Twitter @joy_zelda.

Months after a cheating scandal involving cheese cake, the wife of football legend Matthew Booth has now accused him of being violent. According to Sunday World, Sonia has applied for a protection order against him with the High Court following an incident at their Johannesburg home.

It comes as Sonia has already opened a criminal case against Matthew after he allegedly followed her to the gym and rummaged through her car.

Sunday World reports that Sonia applied for the order in late 2022, in which she details the incident that spurred the application for the order of protection. Sonia claimed she locked herself in her bathroom to prevent Matthew from getting to her after an ugly row. She alleged that Matthew broke the door and damaged its frame.

“Years ago, he broke down our bathroom door I had locked to block him from getting to me. The sheer force he used to break down the door, damaging the frame, gave me an indication of the lengths he would go to get his way,” she is quoted as having said in her application.



In a series of scathing posts in November, Sonia shocked fans when she accused the former Bafana Bafana and Mamelodi Sundowns defender of having an affair.

Sonia Booth claimed that Matthew had been having an affair with Bongani Muller, who was also married – using their household savings by taking her out for dinners and baecations and also baking her the infamous cheesecake.

Speaking to You Magazine, the mom-of-two revealed that she regrets exposing the father of her children when she did. She said that her timing was bad because her sons, Nathan and Noah Booth, were writing their year-end exams at the time.

“I beat myself up about that and I really had to do some introspection and take responsibility,” she told the publication.


For now, all indications are that Matthew Booth is still seeing Bongani, his alleged mistress. However, they have both denied that they are dating, despite some people claiming to have seen them getting cosy in public. Bongani is also quoted as having said that the couple’s marriage has been over for years.

“Their marriage effectively failed years ago and now I’m being made a scapegoat in the most malicious way. I have had no change in my living situation, so where are we moving in exactly? Matthew filed for divorce. so it’s true that they’re going through the process at the moment. He’s the plaintiff after she made such damning allegations on social media,” ZAlebs reported.