Somizi Mhlongo looking giddy sitting in a car, possibly day dreaming of the man behind the camera. Image: @somizi/Instagram

Bathroom confidential: Who took Somizi’s steamy shower pic?

Somizi knows how to get people talking…and fans are not falling for his ‘indoor drone’, demanding answers as to who took his shower pic.


Somizi Mhlongo looking giddy sitting in a car, possibly day dreaming of the man behind the camera. Image: @somizi/Instagram

Somizi Mhlongo turned up the heat when he posted a rather WOW picture to his social media feed on Tuesday 30 November. In true Somgaga fashion, the Mzansi actor, media personality, choreographer and former Idols SA judge caused quite a stir with his steamy “shower hour” pic on Instagram…

While this type of content is not something the people of Mzansi have not come to expect from Somgaga, the hype was focused on the person behind the camera. Is this Somizi’s new bae?


On 30 November 2021, the flamboyant celeb decided it was time to raise a little fire by posting a steamy shower snap, claiming his “indoor drone” took the pic…LOL!

Somizi has a great sense of humour and his people know him better than to believe this caption. Good try, my guy!

“The new indoor drone is amazing…shower hour…”

Somizi Mhlongo


While he tried to divert his shower hour antics with an elusive caption, peeps were having none of it. Fans took to the comment section to let Somizi know that they are on to him.

It has been some time since he and his now estranged husband Mohale Motaung separated, so peeps would not be surprised if Somgaga has found himself another shower partner.

Somizi’s love life has always been a hot topic, even when things with him and Mohale were peachy. So, if Somizi has a new bae, fans would love to know!

Mzansi celebs seem to have made a habit of dropping sneaky hints like this one. Playing hard to get is the new black and it is catching on quickly.


@legit_forex_traders was not buying Somgaga’s drone claim for a minute:

“A have a feeling this drone has 2 legs and 2 hands and comes with a pair of eyes????”

@tazsingh4 wants the deets:

“And who was clicking these pics my friend ????????????”

@motlalepula_liz is interested in seeing a whole lot more LOL:

“@somizi please ask the photographer to lower the drone, I wanna see something ????????????????”

@ntombee_1 had a good chuckle at Somizi’s attempt to diverge the attention from the camera person:

“Indoor drone???? I love it!!!”