‘You make palava’: Somizi reacts to Bobs Mbele butchering ‘Sarafina’ lyrics. Image via Twitter @hallaboutafrica and Instagram @Bobsmbele

‘You make palava’: Somizi reacts to Bobs Mbele butchering ‘Sarafina’ lyrics

‘Sarafina’ star Somizi Mhlongo admits he’s still confused by some of the lyrics from the show after Bobs Mbele hilarious video.


‘You make palava’: Somizi reacts to Bobs Mbele butchering ‘Sarafina’ lyrics. Image via Twitter @hallaboutafrica and Instagram @Bobsmbele

Reality TV star Somizi Mhlongo, who starred in Sarafina 30 years ago admitted on his Instagram account that he still doesn’t understand some of the lyrics from the hit show. Mhlongo was reacting to Bobs Mbele hilarious video butchering the lyrics from Sarafina.   

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The Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo, who played the role of Fire in the iconic film shared on his social media account that he’s still puzzled by some of the lyrics from Sarafina after Bobs Mbele butchered lyrics from the 1992 film.  

Mhlongo posted the video and captioned it:  

“I was about to call the cops on @bobsmbele for butchering the lyrics but then remembered that to this day I still don’t understand what some lyrics from the show….and I was in the show  

“E.g. Sarafina….when you talking the way you talk perspiration commence for cover me…”  

“You make palava Sarafina.”  

The movie which is produced by Mbongeni Ngema and the late Hugh Masekela stars Imbewu: The Seed actress and producer Leleti Khumalo, who played Sarafina, and The River actress and producer Sindi Dlathu, who played Sarafina’s friend.  

Other actors include Dumisani Dlamini, who played Crocodile, Baby Cele, John Kani, who played the Principal, Mbongeni Ngema, who played Sabelo, Miriam Makeba, who played Angelina, Mary Twala, who played Sarafina’s grandmother, and Wendy Mseleku, who played a singing student.  

South Africans also took to social media this week to tweet about the iconic film and some of the puzzling lyrics.  

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House of Zwide actor Khaya Dladla:  

“Perspiration commence to cover me… going down my body…. Sarafina.”  

Sarafina……. When you walk the way you walk, body temperature begins to raise….. Sarafinaaaaaa Sarafina you’re the one.”  


“Girl get it mama let’s come to your freedom”  


“No matter what you guys were saying. But Ayi shame it was the best production. The choreography uyadela.”  


“That Time You Fought For Mohales Freedom!”  


“Geri Geri mama freedom is coming tomorrow.” 

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