Somizi and Mohale team up to sue TV producer. Photo: Supplied

‘Look at God’: Somizi and Mohale were not legally married

Unregistered union: Mohale has to prove his marriage to Somizi existed if ‘he wants to get a share of his millions’.


Somizi and Mohale team up to sue TV producer. Photo: Supplied

Reality TV stars Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung’s divorce proceedings have allegedly hit a glitch after it was revealed that the two never registered their marriage with the department of home affairs.  

Mhlongo also revealed on his reality television show, Living the Dream with Somizi that his highly publicised wedding has not been registered.  


Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo met with a legal adviser, Hopewell Sathekge on his reality TV show to seek advice on legalising his divorce from Mohale Motaung after it was revealed that the couple never signed their wedding certificate as the pastor forgot to bring the papers on their wedding day in January 2020.  

“I knew with the marriage there would be challenges, naturally, but there are challenges where you can see that this is going to hell. So when they told us that the pastor did not bring the certificates, I was like look at God!”  

Sources close to the radio personalities have revealed to City Press that the non-existent marriage certificate has caused a delay in their divorce proceedings.   

“Their lawyers are in negotiations because there is a large estate at stake here.”

“The biggest issue is that the marriage is not registered and, naturally, it would fall under customary law, but that is something Mohale is struggling with because he is not in possession of a letter proving that lobola was paid for him.”   

Motaung’s family has taken a back seat as they never approved of their relationship.   

They never liked the relationship from the go, forged a front for Mohale’s sake, and even gave Mhlongo his lobola back to him because they did not approve of the union, according to the source.

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Another source told the publication that no one is coming forward with a letter proving that lobola was paid even though they had a traditional wedding in September 2019 before their white wedding.  

The lobola letter would make Motaung’s case easy as he needs to prove that they were at least married in customary law.  

It is also reported that Mhlongo is refusing to give Motaung other available receipts to prove they were married as he stands to lose more in their divorce.  

Motaung also has to prepare for a high court application to have his marriage recognised legally before the divorce can continue, according to the publication.  

He could also gather witnesses in the absence of the lobola letter to prove his marriage, the application costs about R120 000.  

Customary law expert Galaletsang Phakedi of Phakedi Attorneys told the publication that an application for recognition of the marriage through the court is the solution in the absence of a lobola letter.  

“Proof of marriage can be done through affidavits and photographs.”

“The emissaries of the spouse(s) who were present during the negotiations must be asked to depose to the affidavits.”  

“If the money was paid in cash, affidavits must be detailed enough to explain what happened on the day of the negotiation and the circumstances which led to the loss of the lobola letter.”  

Phakedi also said Motaung can also get documents or SMS’s in his possession where the choreographer referred to him as his husband, medical aid forms where he added him as a spouse or any other available information which proves that they referred to each other as husbands. 

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Somhale wedding. Image via Twitter @News24

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