Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung in happier times. Image via Instagram @somizi.

‘I like nice things’: Mohale opens up about being a ‘gold digger’

Mohale has spoken out about being labelled as a ‘gold digger’, adding that he married Somizi in community of property.


Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung in happier times. Image via Instagram @somizi.

Actor Mohale Motaung opens up about being labelled as a gold digger and reveals he and his estranged husband, media personality Somizi are married in community of property through the leaked audio clips of what is believed to be a contained interview between him and the producers of Living the Dream with Somizi, released by Sunday World

This follows the Rockville actor claiming Somizi physically abused him and sabotaged his professional relationship with the Ferguson’s. Mohale also confessed to cheating on Somizi and revealing the “arrangement” of their open marriage. 


Mohale has been labelled a gold digger from the beginning of his relationship with Somizi as the Idols SA judge is one of the richest celebrities in South Africa with a net worth of R92.1 million in 2020 according to Savanna News. There is also a 22 year age difference between the estranged couple. 

However, Mohale says he is not a gold digger but he likes nice things and his life with Somizi afforded him a whole host of “soft life “ luxuries. 

“Look I don’t really think I’m a gold digger, but I like nice things and I met him, he likes nice things and introduced me to a bigger lifestyle of nicer things,” said  Mohale.

These “nice things” Mohale is referring to may include Somizi’s private jet which they’ve previously taken to KwaZulu-Natal where Somizi owns a R6 million property in the exclusive Zimbali Coastal Resort & Estate. Somizi also has four other homes in, 

  • Golf estate, Dainfern in Gauteng
  • Fourways, Gauteng
  • Soweto, Gauteng
  • Parys, Free State

Somizi also drives nice cars, here is what he owns,

  • Lamborghini Urus
  • Mercedes-Benz G 350d
  • Mercedes AMG-E63
  • Rolls Royce
  • BMW Z4
  • BMW i8

Aside from Somizi’s houses and cars, his spoils to Mohale include gifting him 100 roses to celebrate 100 hours of their marriage, booking him a trip to New York, which ended up being Italy for his birthday, throwing him a surprise party at Palazzo Hotel, Johannesburg to celebrate one million followers and more. 

Tweeps have defended Somizi amid the abuse allegations because they felt Mohale stayed in an abusive marriage because he is a gold digger and was provided with a life of luxury. To add fuel to the fire, Mohale also revealed that the couple is married in a community of property which entitles him to 50% of everything Somizi owns.  


Mohale revealed that Somizi had asked him to return his ring and that’s when he consulted a lawyer, who is a friend of his father. The lawyer told him he was automatically married in community property because of the traditional wedding the pair had. 

“According to the customary law in South Africa, because we stayed together and had a traditional wedding we are automatically married in community of property,” said Mohale. 

Mohale is demanding a car because he claims Somizi once bumped him off the road and damaged his car. He may be referring to the Mini Cooper Club. However, it is not clear whether Somizi bought the car for him. 

“The only thing I want from Somizi is for him to get me a car because he bumped my car and I just want my clothes, thats it,” he continued. 

“Also he didn’t want us to sign because he probably also had ideas that I want to marry him for his money, but he also didn’t know that by us having a traditional wedding we are automatically married in community of property,” continued Mohale.

Although Mohale claims he does not want to claim 50% of everything Somizi owns. However, he did say that if Somizi refuses to give him the car he is demanding then he will be going for everything he can get. 

“By law I’m supposed to be getting 50% off whatever that you own. If you are refusing to give me the car then we are going to go the big lawyer route where you are now going to be forced to give me half of your assets,” he added. 

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