Pearl Thusi has fired shots at Slik Talk

Pearl Thusi has fired shots at Slik Talk after his recent YouTube video
Image via Twitter

‘Has he looked in the mirror?’: Pearl Thusi roasts Slik Talk [watch]

YouTuber Slik Talk is getting a taste of his own medicine after his latest celebrity target; Pearl Thusi, fired shots in his direction…

Pearl Thusi has fired shots at Slik Talk

Pearl Thusi has fired shots at Slik Talk after his recent YouTube video
Image via Twitter

Slik Talk may have been given a taste of his own medicine after coming for Pearl Thusi in a recent YouTube video.

The controversial celebrity commentator picked on the actress in his latest attack on his channel. In it, Slik Talk chastised Pearl for “trying to get attention and trend” after meeting Big Zulu. This, after her rival Bonang Matheba was recently romantically linked to the rapper.

But Pearl Thusi was not taking the blogger’s bashing lying down. In an Instagram Live video of her own, Pearl Thusi dished out the insults as shadily as she was given them


In a strange turn of events, Pearl Thusi claimed she would hold back her spicy clapbacks at Slik Talk in favour of being “kind”.

She even offered to buy the LLB graduate a new background setting for his YouTube videos!

She said: “He’s this blogger person who is desperate to be one of us. He has this wardrobe background. He doesn’t get paid. We need to buy him a new wardrobe or background.

“I’m not going to punish Slik Talk just because he is a bottom feeder YouTuber. What I will do is buy him a new background and possibly a new camera and tripod just to help him. You know the ‘kill them with kindness’ vibe”.

But despite her generous offer, Pearl Thusi had a stern warning for Slik Talk.

The Fistful of Vengeance actress said: “But if you came for my children, kindness is out the window”.


Pearl Thusi’s polite approach to the blogger was short-lived, after which she decided to lay the insults on him thick.

She said: “Slik Talk is a big guy who gets beat down. No, you can’t be talking about how I look. Has he looked in the mirror? He must get into that wardrobe and hide!

She then took aim at his vlogging skills.

Pearl continued: “Just because you’re a YouTuber, doesn’t mean you don’t have to breathe. You can breathe in between your sentences. Use your eyes and be emotive, otherwise we dont believe anything you’re saying,

“He doesn’t have to scream throughout the video. Why are you shouting?”

Finally, explaining the motive behind her Big Zulu video and Twitter reaction, she revealed: “I like hanging out with Big Zulu, and I like throwing petrol on these fires you start on Twitter. I entertain myself”.