Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi with his family. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi.

‘Everyone got a different memo’: TikTokers drag Siya, Rachel & family

TikTok users slammed ‘South Africa’s royal family’ Siya and Rachel Kolisi after they attempted a dance with ‘no coordination.’

Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi with his family. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi.

TikToker’s dragged “South Africa’s royal family” Siya, Rachel and the rest of the family for their lack of “coordination” in a dance posted on the platform on 17 June.


Springbok captain Siya Kolisi and his family attempted a TikTok dance via his wife Rachel’s TikTok account. The couple are seen alongside their two children – Nicholas and Keziah and Siya’s siblings Liyema and Liphelo. 

Rachel and Siya Kolisi. Image via Instagram @rachel_kolisi.

Siya and his siblings share a mother who unfortunately passed away in 2009 which left Liyema and Liphelo bouncing from orphanages to foster homes for years before the couple were financially stable enough to adopt them in 2014.

Liphelo seems to most coordinated doing the dance while Rachel seems to catch on the steps towards the end. The rest of the family members appear to be doing their own dances in the most adorable way! Take a look…

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TikTok users dragged the “South African royal family” playfully in the comments section. This is what they had to say about the Kolisi family’s dance…

“Everyone got a different memo????,” commented @kourtneykourtney22.

“Its mom and dads confusion for me????????????????????????????????????????????????????????don’t worry we’re all just here for the fun????,” commented @whitney.

“Siya, what in the off beat is going on sir ????????????,” commented @michh.

“Different songs playing in everyone’s ear ????????????????????,” commented User9262553864300. 

“This is literally the South African Royal Family, don’t @ me????❤️,” commented @jasonf1.

“???????????????? haibo captain it would be nice seeing the team doing this challenge,” commented @petro_april1.

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