Sithelo Shozi heads to court for a protection order against ‘baby daddy’ Andile Mpisane. Images via Instagram @_sithelo @andilempisane10.

‘A miscarriage at the hands of my so-called victim’: Sithelo on Andile

Andile Mpisane’s ‘baby mama’ Sithelo Shozi accused him of being the reason she had a miscarriage amid physical and verbal abuse claims.


Sithelo Shozi heads to court for a protection order against ‘baby daddy’ Andile Mpisane. Images via Instagram @_sithelo @andilempisane10.

South African influencer and DJ Sithelo Shozi claimed she had a miscarriage because of her “baby daddy” Royal AM chairperson Andile Mpisane via her Instagram Story on Tuesday 5 July. 


Sithelo Shozi has made bombshell allegations against her “baby daddy” Andile Mpisane. The pair share two children together.

Sithelo had just given birth to their second baby when Andile shocked Mzansi with his marriage to Tamia Mpisane. Andile and Tamia also have a daughter together.

Sithelo took to her Instagram Stories to claim that Andile physically abused her and “beat her to a pulp”. She also shared recordings of Andile verbally abusing her. The DJ also claimed that she had a miscarriage at the hands of her “so-called victim” – Andile. 

The reason Sithelo is calling Andile a “so-called victim” is because she was previously trolled for being a “predator”. This is because Sithelo is 28 years old while Andile is only 21. The pair were believed to have started dating while Andile was still a minor and welcomed their first child when he was 19 years old.

“Let’s start with when I was beaten into a pulp and had a miscarriage at the hands of my so called ‘victim’ in a room full of his family and freiends, rushed to the nearest hospital and treated like nothing ever happened,” she wrote.

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Twitter users were shocked about the DJ’s claim that she had a miscarriage. Take a look…

“Sithelo had a miscarriage because she was beaten to a pulp? Wow ???? this is scary,” wrote @mbalixo_.

“Wait a minute. So Andile was beating Sithelo the whole time and caused a miscarriage? The whole time Sithelo was a victim of abuse??? ???? Those gifts she was getting were apology gifts?? Do you see how dangerous it is to sbwl social media life? Men are so scary,” wrote @Cindyswa_M.

“Girl you have been through it shem ????,the threats, miscarriage and still you were quite and for you talking is a very huge and part of healing, stay strong❤,” wrote @khannnyiiii.

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