Hungani Ndlovu

Former ‘Scandal!’ actor Hungani Ndlovu. Image: Supplied

‘Stick to acting’: Mzansi trolls Hungani Ndlovu for defending pit bulls

South Africans trolled former ‘Scandal!’ actor Hungani Ndlovu for defending pit bulls days after vicious dogs mauled neighbour’s child.

Hungani Ndlovu

Former ‘Scandal!’ actor Hungani Ndlovu. Image: Supplied

Choreographer and former Scandal! actor Hungani Ndlovu has come under fire on social media after he defended pit bulls in a series of tweets.  

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The actor and father of one Hungani Ndlovu received a lot of backlash from Scandal! fans after he defended pit bulls just a few days after a pit bull mauled a neighbour’s child to death in Vista Park, Bloemfontein.   

iHarare reports that authorities put down the vicious dog after it escaped from its enclosure and jumped over the fence into the neighbour’s premises, where it mauled the 8-year-old to death.  

Ndlovu, who failed to read the room tweeted a series of posts in which he defended pit bulls and blamed their owners instead.  

“Pit bulls aren’t inherently dangerous dogs. The owner is responsible for how he/she moulds the dog. Y’all wanna ban Pit Bulls but keep Rottweilers, Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, the list goes on! It’s not the dog! It’s the owner!!!”   

“This pit bull situation is like blaming fast cars for people being involved in accidents instead of blaming the driver!!! You can’t drive 300km per hr then jiki jiki you’re in an accident and we must blame the car it’s the owner, not the dog!”  

“This pit bull situation is like blaming alcohol for the drunk drivers on the street instead of the drinker/driver. The problem is the owner, not the dog!”  


The entertainer’s post angered South Africans on social media, who accused the actor of being tone-deaf and insensitive to the situation on the ground.  


“Wait baby, they put you on Scandal with THIS type of thinking? Pitbulls are murdering children and THIS is what you have to say?”  


“Stick to being an entertainer sana, thinking isn’t for you.”  


“Hebana! Gatsheni if it’s the owner and not the dog uowner ulume bani has it been owners biting people? A car has a human behind it but a dog is a being with its own instincts and motivations.”  


“So this is the real you, this is exactly how you think?”  


“Let’s not forget that a car can’t drive itself and it is controlled, but a pit bull can make decisions by itself, can’t be controlled.”  


“Never ever share your thoughts with us ever again!”  


“Let’s just say your social issues analogy isn’t the apex of your contribution to society…” 

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