Dudu Zuma

Dudu Zuma has once again been slammed online. Images via Twitter: @DZumaSambudla

‘Sbwl your arrest!’: SA reacts to Dudu Zuma ‘craving’ a new president

Jacob Zuma’s daughter Dudu Zuma wants a new president and she wants one now! She shared these thoughts online and was dragged…as usual.

Dudu Zuma

Dudu Zuma has once again been slammed online. Images via Twitter: @DZumaSambudla

It’s that time of the week again where Duduzile “Dudu” Zuma makes herself a target for harsh criticism from Twitter users by sharing very controversial tweets. This time the daughter of ex-president Jacob Zuma took to the social media app to take part in the ”sbwl” hashtag that was trending.

Dudu Zuma shares what her cravings are

Earlier this week the term “sbwl” (which means crave or desire) was trending as a result of media personality Tshepi Vundla and some comments she made about women who use the term to get men to spoil them.

Getting in on the trend, Jacob Zuma’s daughter Dudu Zuma also shared a tweet about what she really sbwls at the moment. According to Dudu who was recently accused of inciting violence in South Africa, she is craving for a new president. She also wants the ANC to get a new National General Council (NGC).

“I SBWL An ANC NGC And A New President,” she wrote.

One can’t be surprised that she wants a new president since she doesn’t shy away from shading current president Cyril Ramaphosa as well as the ANC on her social media pages. Her dislike for Ramaphosa does however appear to have intensified since her father was incarcerated for defying the ConCourt earlier this year.

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Meanwhile, the internet has their usual mixed reactions

Her post received a huge response from South African Twitter users who seemingly enjoying parking in her comments section with sometimes harsh responses and sometimes intense agreements. Here are some of the things people have said about this arguably controversial tweet:

@felix_mothemane said:

“Duduzane would never be a president. SA isn’t a Zuma stokvel.”

@bigkoostar said:

“That will never happen. Ramaphosa is still favoured by the majority of ANC members. If this wasn’t true, then what’s stopping the majority members of the ANC from calling for the NGC or special conference?”


“Sbwl your arrest”

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