Kuli Roberts

‘Kuli Roberts died on the set of a new TV show’: More details emerge. Image via Twitter @SABCPortal

More details: ‘Kuli Roberts died on the set of a new TV show Heavy Hitters’

The SABC Portal revealed on Wednesday that Kuli Roberts was set to feature on ‘Heavy Hitters’ alongside The Naked DJ on SABC1.

Kuli Roberts

‘Kuli Roberts died on the set of a new TV show’: More details emerge. Image via Twitter @SABCPortal

Actress and TV personality Nomakula “Kuli” Roberts who passed away on Wednesday 9 February at 22:00 reportedly died on the set of her upcoming new show Heavy Hitter’s.  

Roberts was meant to be featured alongside Metro FM’s Naked DJ on the show.  

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An article in the City Press has revealed that Kuli Roberts died on the set of a new TV show on Wednesday night at the age of 49 years.  

The publication also states that the show was to be aired on SABC1 and Roberts was going to be featured alongside Metro FM’s Quinton Masina aka the Naked DJ.  

The SABC confirmed the news on Twitter on Wednesday and tweeted:

“It is with great sadness that the SABC has learned of the untimely passing of journalist, presenter and actress Nomakula ‘Kuli’ Roberts.”

“Roberts was scheduled to appear as a guest on SABC1’s new show Heavy Hitters at the time of her passing.”  

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Kuli Roberts’ former colleague and friend Theo Nyhaba at Sunday World where she was a lifestyle editor says Kuli Roberts was a mother figure to him.  

“We were supposed to link up this weekend. Kuli was like an industry mother to me.”

“I met her as an intern [years ago] and she embraced me.”

“We used to fight because she was Kuli, but it was all amazing.”

“She was a natural and she was super nice, a lot of people don’t know that.”

“She was good to people and she would sacrifice a lot for others.”  

Her other colleague Charles Molele says Roberts always arrived in the newsroom like a peacock or a movie star.  

“All elbows and naked ambition, with black stilettos and a designer handbag.”  

“To many, Nomakula Roberts was some kind of a creepy and weirdo journalist, or an unreconstructed feminist and drama queen given to abrasive comments, foul language, and uncalculated risks.  

“Well, not to me. Or, at least, not exactly. Roberts was a pioneer in tabloid journalism in South Africa at a time when a young nation was coming out of the trauma and horrors of separate development.”  

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Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela says she was a force that we have not come to comprehend.  

Mphela adds that she was a trailblazer who paved the way for a lot of people who cover the entertainment industry.  

“Paramount to that, Kuli was someone who elevated others.”

“She championed and supported young talent. Her legacy, for me, is that she was someone who paid it forward.”  

Her friend Sonia Motaung said her kindness showed in the way she loved her animals.  

Motaung says she had dogs, cats, and all the animals she could have and she’s wondering what will happen to them now because she loved them so much. 

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