Robert Marawa bafana

Sports personality Robert Marawa. Image via @robert_marawa/Instagram

Robert Marawa reveals WHO might have gotten him fired THRICE

‘I thought Irvin Khoza’: Sports Personality Robert Marawa spills the beans about getting fired by the SABC and SuperSport.

Robert Marawa bafana

Sports personality Robert Marawa. Image via @robert_marawa/Instagram

Talented sports personality Robert Marawa claims there might have been a “cabal” that was responsible for him getting ‘fired’ from his popular sports shows at the SABC and SuperSport.  

The sports broadcaster has reportedly revealed in his new book, Gqimm Shelele: The Robert Marawa Story, that he was fired on all occasions due to third parties.  

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According to City Press, the sports personality Robert Marawa was fired from his show on SABC’s Metro FM in July 2017, and was fired once again from another show on SuperSport in 2019, and fired again from his popular show Marawa Sports Worldwide, which was broadcast simultaneously on Metro FM and Radio 2000 in 2021. 

The publication adds that Marawa insists he was ‘fired’ though both SuperSports and SABC released statements that rubbished claims that he was fired as his contracts were not renewed.   

“When I speak of external forces applying pressure on management at the SABC and SuperSport, who then am I referring to? I have said publicly that I believe that one person is responsible for having me fired multiple times.”  

“I can never have proof. But, certainly, I have my suspicions. The first time I was fired from Metro by Sully [former SABC group sports executive Sully Motsweni] in 2017, I said to my producer that I thought the chairman, PSL chairman Irvin Khoza, was behind my firing.”  

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According to City Press, Irvin Khoza rejected Marawa’s allegations which were based on a meeting that occurred when he was still at SuperSport.  

He added that management revealed to him that Khoza was not happy with his remarks regarding the Carling Black Label Cup, which he (Khoza) thought were distasteful.  

“I remembered the comments but had not made them on a SuperSport platform. It had been on the radio, on Metro FM … Their argument was that I was the face of football at SuperSport and whatever comments I made, regardless of the platform, would reflect on them as a broadcaster.”  

Marawa reportedly got fired from SABC (Metro FM) in 2017after he stood by his suspended producer Beverly Maphanga for playing clips on the station which were reportedly not allowed to be aired. 

The sports personality allegedly got axed from SuperSport in 2019 after he had raised an issue to the then CEO Gideon Khobane about female colleagues who were allegedly sexually harassed by their male counterparts.  

A statement from the book reads:  

“I believed that there was a cabal within the SABC, and its main aim was never about restoration or resurrection of the broadcaster. Their mission was to rubber-stamp their own authority and gain control and get rid of certain individuals. For some reason, I was always at the forefront of that and a prime target for this cabal.” 

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