Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi.
Image via Netflix

‘Hypocrite’: Pearl Thusi calls out cyberbullies – but gets dragged instead

‘You recruit bullies and reward them’: One tweep replied to Pearl Thusi, who called for cyberbullies to be cancelled after Riky Rick’s death.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi.
Image via Netflix

Like many celebrities in South Africa, Riky Rick’s death hits close to home for Pearl Thusi …

The actress and media personality has been vocal on Twitter about how celebrities are often private about their mental health battles. She’s also called for cyberbullies to be cancelled.

This, after Riky was criticised on social media in the lead up to his death over a viral video featuring him and his wife.

However, Pearl’s intended message has not gone as well as she hoped for. Many followers have called her out as a “hypocrite” for slamming online trolls and those who dish out hurtful comments.

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Following confirmation that Riky Rik had died, Pearl Thusi opened up about being cyberbullied and the effect it had on her mentally and emotionally.

She tweeted: “When the bullying happens I for one can say I’ve heard seriously dark thoughts and I’m still not sure how I survived and overcame them. Mainly it’s knowing that people who say hurtful things are usually in a darker place where no one matters including themselves”.

The Fistful of Vengeance actress – who is known for her own spicy clapbacks online – then hit out at cyberbullies.

She tweeted: “Cyber bullying is an actual disease. A cancer in today’s society”

“Guys- report accounts that are abusive. The same way you cancel people in the industry. Let’s protect each other. Complaining will change nothing”.


Pearl Thusi was immediately met with a ton of criticism from her tweets from followers who called her out on her own behaviour.

“Girl we report you all the time and yet here you are, tweeting and being a hypocrite”

“Pearl, I am sorry but you are such a hypocrite. You recruit bullies and reward them with parties. You industry IT girls connive and bully each and yet here you are”


Tweeps also slammed Pearl for being friendly with “CBD Twitter” trolls, and one in particular – Chris Excel.

“Pearl you can’t say that when you’ve literally associated your self with the biggest bully on the timeline”

“Wena you’re a bloody hypocrite. When Chris Excel was bullying Bonang, Amanda du Pont, Minnie and Riky Rick as well you continued following him and engaging with him here on twitter. As if you didn’t see the rubbish he was tweeting about them.