Louisa Zondo is climbing Mt Everest in remembrance of her son Riky Rick

Louisa Zondo climbed Mt Everest in remembrance of her son Riky Rick
Image via Facebook
Louisa Zondo

‘Connected with you’: Riky Rick’s mom dedicates Mt Everest trek to him

A mother’s love: Louisa Zondo is climbing the world’s highest mountain – Everest – in remembrance of her son Riky Rick, who died last month.

Louisa Zondo is climbing Mt Everest in remembrance of her son Riky Rick

Louisa Zondo climbed Mt Everest in remembrance of her son Riky Rick
Image via Facebook
Louisa Zondo

A mother would cross the deepest sea and climb the highest mountain for her child, and the latter is exactly what the mom of Riky Rick is doing in remembrance of him.

Louisa Zonda is currently embarking on an expedition up the world’s highest mountain; Mount Everest as a tribute to her son, who died last month.

Riky Rick tragically ended his life on 23 February after a long battle with depression. He was 34 years old.


Louisa Zonda has been documenting her trek up to Everest Base Camp, which she began earlier this week.

She said of her motivation in a Facebook post: I’m reflecting on life, death and the meaning of everything. Since your death last month, I’ve been starkly aware of the need in me to make sense of where I am and how I am called to be.

“I decided to proceed with this trek to Mount Everest Base Camp not only because I knew you would want me to do so, but also because I imagined it would present the perfect opportunity, over 14 days, for me to wrestle with the questions – what is the moment; and how does this moment call me to be”.

Dearest MaRiky. It’s early hours of the morning on 23 March 2022 – 01H03, Nepali time, to be exact. 23 February 2022 is…

Posted by Louisa Zondo on Wednesday, 23 March 2022

According to IOL, the Everest Base Camp – perched on the Khumbu Glacier at the foot of Everest – is at an altitude of 5600 metres which is reached over a period of nine days. Many climbers take a break between climbing.

And despite the pain she is enduring in her heart, the experience has been a beautiful one for her.

She shared: “As I took in the unspeakable wonders of the mountain, the sense of you being part of it all was so real MaRiky…I laughed out loud and shouted out your name”.

In another post she shared: “Coming to the realisation that your life gave real meaning to this wisdom is blissful. I am grateful to this Mount Everest Base Camp trek for presenting me with this insight.

“You remain immense beauty, MaRiky. I joyfully confirm that, to me, you can never die”.

-Reflections from yesterday evening- Dear MaRiky, today – 24 March 2022 – is Day 5 of the team’s trek (the fourth day…

Posted by Louisa Zondo on Friday, 25 March 2022


Louisa has also used the death of Riky Rick to spark a larger conversation about mental health and how society deals with it.

She posted: “Your death, MaRiky, was met with deep shock, pain and sadness, internationally. It ignited wide-ranging discussion about depression and mental illness in general.

“As I thought about the range of traumas which affect our mental health, I found myself reviewing ways in which society is experiencing collective traumas. Thoughts about the violence of misogyny, racism, corruption, greed, poverty, inequality and other injustices brought darkness to my spirit.

“I found myself grappling with how we hold the devastating effects of our collective and personal traumas. As a society, how do we intentionally attend to and strengthen mental health? How do we become a society that provides all – young people in particular – with access to means of transcending and therefore transforming trauma?

“MaRiky, you were quite vocal about the reality of depression and mental health in the creative industry. You also never missed the opportunity to express your views on the duty each one of us has to care for others. How therefore do we build on this and centre caring and mental health in the fabric of society?”.

Dear MaRiky, our trek has brought us to Lobuche. This is our Day 5 of the trek. In today’s walk we gained some elevation…

Posted by Louisa Zondo on Saturday, 26 March 2022

Louisa Zondo is part of a team trekking to Mt Everest Base camp alongside Riky Ricky’s aunty Xoliswa Kakana

The duo are hoping to complete the climb in 14 days.

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