Nonku Williams and Dumisani Ndlazi

‘RHODurban’ star Nonku Williams and her man Dumisani Ndlazi. Images via Instagram: @nonku_williams

‘RHOD’ star Nonku on claims Dumisani ‘RD’ Ndlazi scammed her

Earlier this month, it was reported that Nonku broke things off with ‘Rough Diamond’ aka ‘RD’ after he allegedly scammed her.

Nonku Williams and Dumisani Ndlazi

‘RHODurban’ star Nonku Williams and her man Dumisani Ndlazi. Images via Instagram: @nonku_williams

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star and businesswoman Nonku Williams has confirmed that her relationship with Dumisani Ndlazi — whom she affectionately called “Rough Diamond” or “RD” — has ended.

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Earlier this month, Zimoja reported that Nonku had dumped Dumisani and he was begging her to reconsider her decision.

A source told the outlet that the couple — who had been dating for less than a year and had allegedly gotten engaged — had been doing business together. The pair had allegedly applied for a tender business together and when the money came in Dumisani reportedly used it all for his gain.

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“They had a tender deal they worked on together. When the deal was through, Dumisani took all the money and built a house in his village leaving Nonku high and dry,” the source said.

Following the alleged swindling incident, Nonku broke things off. This is allegedly the reason behind her deleting their pictures from her Instagram account. However, Dumisani is reportedly trying his hardest to win Nonku’s heart back.

Another source, who is close to the RHOD production, claimed the rumoured ex-couple had a reality TV show on the cards.

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Nonku Williams engaged
Nonku Williams with Rough Diamond. Image from Instagram @musakhawula


Speaking to Drum, Nonku said she and Dumisani had unfortunately broken up.

When asked if he scammed out of money they received from a tender they got into together, she said: ““I can’t mention anything as this is a legal case.”

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Dumisani has previously been accused of being a scammer. According to iReport South Africa, a woman named Zamazulu Zulu took to Facebook to share her unpleasant encounter with the businessman on the famous social media group, Ladies House.

Zulu claimed that Nonku’s bae borrowed R23 000 from her at the beginning of 2021; adding that he ran away afterwards. She claimed that he only paid her R1 000 in 2022.

On RHOD he was labelled the “tinder swindler” by cast member Maria Valaskatzis on the show. However, she did not explain why.

In addition, when Nonku introduced Dumisani to fans last year, another social media user who claimed to be from his hometown in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), labelled him “the biggest crook” — The Tea World reported on YouTube.