Annie and Kgolo DaGuru Mthembu

Annie and her husband Kgolo DaGuru Mthembu. Images via Instagram: @mrsannbition

‘We’ve been through sh*t’: ‘RHOD’s’ Annie on cheating rumours

#RHOD star Annie spoke candidly about enduring abuse, her insecurities and the cheating rumours in her marriage to Kgolo ‘DaGuru’ Mthembu.

Annie and Kgolo DaGuru Mthembu

Annie and her husband Kgolo DaGuru Mthembu. Images via Instagram: @mrsannbition

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Annie Mthembu has finally addressed recent claims about her husband Kgolo “DaGuru” Mthembu cheating on her.

Speaking to podcaster Lungelo KM on his YouTube show called Engineer Your Life (EYL) on Tuesday, 4 April, blamed the cheating rumours on evil people who are out to assassinate her character.

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Annie revealed that a cast member has been fabricating lies about her marriage, finances and more.

“There are evil, toxic, dangerous people who clearly have a personal agenda against – in fact who are out to destroy me. At some point I told production that I didn’t feel safe because they were meant to make sure that they bring people who won’t put us in danger on the show.”

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Kgolo Mthembu
Businessman Kgolo Mthembu with his wife Annie. Image from Instagram@kgolodaguru_exp


Last month, the rumour mill was rife with claims that Kgolo is cheating on Annie with fitness bunny and multi-millionaire Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize’s stepdaughter Sbahle Mpisane. Another gossip account also claimed that the Rich Durban owner has impregnated another woman.

During a game in season two of the RHOD, Annie was asked what her reaction would be if Kgolo cheated. She was also asked if he’s ever cheated on her.

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Annie explained to Lungelo that she was vulnerable when she met her husband due to an abusive relationship she was in for five years prior.

“I was still working for Kgolo as his assistant and he would regularly catch me crying and comfort me. He witnessed it all, and saw how badly my partner at the time was treating me. During those years of abuse I lost who I was and would question everything about myself.”

She shared how that relationship broke her and created insecurities in her relationship with her husband.

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“We’ve been through sh*t. Not necessarily to say that he’s cheated but because of the behaviours that I had to unlearn, I’ve put him through sh*t… I had to mature. I really had to grow up. I had to understand ththaI’m dating an adult.”

She praised her husband for taking her out of the abusive relationship and saving her.