Donell Mbele Reokeditswe (Reo) Makate relationship

Donell Mbele and Reokeditswe “Reo” have gone their separate ways. Images via Twitter @WifeOfAristotle

Reokeditswe hits back at claims she abused her ex Donell Mbele

Reokeditswe Makete, Sonia Mbele’s son Donell’s ex-girlfriend, has clapped back after she was accused of physically abusing him.

Donell Mbele Reokeditswe (Reo) Makate relationship

Donell Mbele and Reokeditswe “Reo” have gone their separate ways. Images via Twitter @WifeOfAristotle

Reokeditswe Makete has clapped back at the abuse claims levelled against her by her ex-boyfriend Donell Mbele’s friend whom he allegedly cheat with.

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Taking to her Instagram stories on Sunday, 4 December, Reokeditswe hit back at the allegations saying all hell would break loose if she spoke.

Donell is the son of Blood And Water actress and TV producer Sonia Mbele.

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According to the source who spoke to Moja Love publication Zimoja, Reokeditswe suffers from severe depression, has a short temper and was a jealous girlfriend.

“We all used to hang at Monte Casino. She does not like it when other girls talk to Donell. She once spat on his face for hugging another hun” said the friend.

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The friend also accused Reokeditswe of physical abuse as she also leaked Donell’s pictures showing bruises on his face.

“He sent a text to say she is starting again. I tried to call but that is when she was swearing at me accusing us of dating, they had no clue I was still listening because Donell did not hang up. I remember him begging her not to touch his face until she bit him on the lip,” the friend added.

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Donell Mbele Reo Makate Mental instution
Reokeditswe has been accused of bitting Donell’s lip in an argument. Images via @donell_mbele/Instagram and Zimoja

However, Reokeditswe has denied the allegations.

“I’m pissed as f***k cause if I really had to speak the truth about the situation y’all would be shook!” she wrote on Instagram.

Reokeditswe Makete responds to abuse allegations. Image via @k.ediii/Instagram


The outlet also reported that Donell appeared in court for allegedly abusing Reokeditswe, adding that his next court appearance will he in February 2023.

Last month, Reokeditswe detailed the alleged abuse on her Instagram stories, saying that he abused her on four different occasions and on the fifth she decided to expose him.

Responding to the allegations a day later, Sonia Mbele said in statement that “Donell will face his demons and take accountability for his actions and let the law take its course.”

Speaking to Drum in the same week, the Real Housewives franchise producer said that her son was already in rehab.