Slee Ndlovu fires back at Jojo Robinson. Images via Instagram @slee_thebosslady @mrs.jojo.robinson.

‘Your money won’t save you’: ‘RHOD’ star Slee fires back at Jojo

Slee Ndlovu has fired back at Jojo Robinson after she was called a ‘Balenciaga rat’ on the ‘Real Housewives of Durban’.


Slee Ndlovu fires back at Jojo Robinson. Images via Instagram @slee_thebosslady @mrs.jojo.robinson.

Silindile “Slee” Wendy Ndlovu has fired back at Jojo Robinson via an Instagram Story, after she called her a “Balenciaga rat” on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) — which released on Showmax on 1 March.

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Jojo and the RHOD newbie got off on the wrong foot the first day they met. The pair were introduced to each other by Nonku Williams, who told Jojo that Slee thought she was classist.

Then things heated up when Slee met Jojo’s husband Calven Robinson at Nonku’s house. Calven told his wife that her co-star said she was single and wanted him to find her a rich man. However, Slee denied this when she was confronted.

Annie Mthembu was invited for a jacuzzi party at Jojo’s house and she was surprised to hear that Nonku Williams was also joining them. 

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While the ladies soaked in the jacuzzi, Jojo brought up Slee and claimed Annie and Sorisha were “kissing a**”. So, Nonku said that Slee puts her down in front of her kids and Annie admitted that it does not sit right with her.

The ladies also opened up about their confrontation with with the mom of two. Jojo then revealed that she and Nonku call Slee “Balenciaga rat” — which set tongues wagging on Twitter.

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After the episode released, the reality star took to her Instagram Story to address Jojo’s comment. Take a look…

“Balenciaga rat? Bothered much? One thing about style, it’s priceless. Your money won’t save you there ma’am. Well, not I absolutely can’t wait for the reunion #keeptheenergy,” she wrote.

Slee Ndlovu fires back at Jojo Robinson. Image via Instagram @slee_thebosslady.

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