Rea Gopane Mr JazziQ

Mr JazziQ and Rea Gopane Images via Instagram @mrjazziq @reagopane_

Strike two! Rea Gopane faces legal action after ‘sacrifice’ claims

Rea Gopane has been informed that legal action will be taken against him after the podcaster he claimed Mr JazziQ ‘sacrificed’ his close friends – the late Mpura and Killer Kau – for the ‘betterment’ of his career.

Rea Gopane Mr JazziQ

Mr JazziQ and Rea Gopane Images via Instagram @mrjazziq @reagopane_

Rea Gopane is the centre of another legal battle with a celeb after making outrageous claims on his Everything SA Music platform. Through his lawyers, amapiano producer Mr JazziQ has informed Gopane that he will be taking legal action against the young podcaster. 

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On the latest episode of a podcast of his Everything SA Music platform, Rea Gopane claimed that Mr JazziQ “sacrificed” amapiano stars and close friends Mpura and Killer Kau for the “betterment” of his career. 

The amapiano stars passed away in a tragic car accident on Saturday 7 August. They were reportedly on a way to a gig with colleagues, Khanya Hadebe, DJ Thando Tot and TD. 

“Think about it… That Woza music video. It came out after everything happened. Why is Mpura and Killer Kau in the music video when they are not featured on the song?”

“The day after they died, he left. He went to Ghana,” said the 21-year-old podcaster. 

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Representing Mr JazziQ, Tailor Made Legal Solutions said Gopane’s claims against the amapiano producer are “void of any form of truth and are harmful”. 

“The facts around Mr Manyoni’s (Mr JazziQ) conduct and whereabouts as explained by Mr Reatagile Gopane, are worrisomely inaccurate.”

“The allegations have had a severe impact on Mr Manyoni both emotionally and psychologically.”

The letter further states that a letter of demand was sent to the podcaster to have the remarks publicly withdrawn, to have the podcast taken down, and an apology written, but the demands were not adhered to. 

“Leaving Mr Manyoni with no option but to pursue the matter to finality through the legal remedies available to him.” 

“Mr Manyoni, who was not only a close friend and brother to the late Mr Mongezi “Mpura” Stuurman and the late Mr Sakhile “Killer Kau” Hlatshwayo would also like to rubbish all unfounded claims made against him in relation to the nature of their relationship.”

“The matter will now be pursued civilly and criminally.”

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Reacting to the letter, some tweeps are adamant that the amapiano producer should demand the podcaster pay him R500k. 

One tweep asked: “Has he paid Bonang her R500 000?”

Another tweep wrote: “It’s unfortunate that someone can say such vile things about you, then the duty falls on you(as a public figure) to keep it together and pursue legal action.”