Elton Jantjies

Elton Jantjies. Image via Twitter @gndzongana

‘R800k debt’: Elton Jantjies alleged ‘gangster threats’

Elton Jantjies has lodged a complaint against his agent James Adams… claims he sent gangsters to his home to collect money ‘R800 000’.

Elton Jantjies

Elton Jantjies. Image via Twitter @gndzongana

Springbok’s Elton Jantjies claims his agent James Adams recently sent gangsters to his home to collect money ‘R800 000’ the player owes him. It is believed the player has also complained about his agent with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and World Rugby.  

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The popular agent James Adams is allegedly suing Elton Jantjies for breach of contract for failing to pay his commission last month. City Press reports that the total amount owed could amount to R800 000.   

The publication revealed that court papers said Jantjies had “accepted an acknowledgment of debt agreement in February last year” and had paid a lump sum of R300 000 to the plaintiff, Adams’ company In Touch Sports, in October.  

“But with the total amount owed understood to be about R800 000, things took a bizarre twist when Jantjies claimed Adams had sent gangsters to his home to collect the rest of the debt.”  

A source close to the rugby player reveals that Jantjies was coerced out of another R150 000 before reporting his agent to the rugby authorities.  

The source adds Jantjies had initially contacted Christo Ferreira, SA Rugby manager of legal affairs, to ask him how he could lay a complaint.  

“But he was advised that he could not lay a claim with SA Rugby because he was not registered in South Africa, meaning the matter was out of its jurisdiction.”  

While it is believed RFU reassured Jantjies at the time of receiving his complaint that it would investigate, a spokesperson at the union told City Press this week that there’s no investigation.  

“We do not discuss investigations being undertaken by the RFU but can confirm that there is no investigation underway pertaining to the agent.”  

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City Press reveals that Elton Jantjies confirmed to the publication that James Adams sent debt collectors to threaten him into settling his debt.

An informant speculated that going the legal route could be time-consuming as well as expensive for James Adams.  

“Our source said he suspected the ill-feeling between the player and his agent could have emanated from Jantjies’ use of another agent to sign his new deal with French club Agent.”  

The source added that the player’s bill had ballooned to almost R1 million – from deferred payments Adams was keeping in place to secure his representation of Jantjies.  

James Adams was not available for comment at the time of publishing this article.  

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