Sandile Shezi

Image: @TSB / Twitter

‘R756k fraud charges’: ‘Arrest warrant issued’ for Sandile Shezi

A warrant of arrest has reportedly been issued for businessman Sandile Shezi following various fraud cases amounting to R756 000.  

Sandile Shezi

Image: @TSB / Twitter

Police have allegedly issued a warrant of arrest for businessman Sandile Shezi following various cases of fraud opened against him. The two fraud cases amount to R756 000.  

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City Press reports that the fraud charges of R756 000, which were laid against the self-proclaimed millionaire Sandile Shezi were reported.  

The publication adds that two more fraud charges were laid against the businessman after he failed to pay back investors in his forex trading company. The two fraud cases, involving R600 000 and R156 000, were reported at the Sandton Police Station in July last year and last month, respectively.   

It is believed Shezi has gone under the radar after the warrant of arrest was issued on Thursday (8 December) morning.    

“The warrant of arrest for Shezi has been issued, and it is in the hands of the Sandton Police Station commander. Shezi has disappeared into thin air. He is posted all over, and my team is helping with the search. We know where his last pinned location is, which is in KwaZulu-Natal.”  

Police spokesperson Mavela Masondo told City Press that the police could not deny nor confirm that Shezi was a wanted man because they did not comment on warrants or arrests.  

An investigator from Mthombo Collections, who helped two alleged victims open cases against Shezi, told City Press:   

“We just got a call from the police to update us that a warrant of arrest has been issued and that we will get updates from the Sandton station commander as one of the police officers who was working on the cases against Shezi has been removed from the case,” the investigator said.    

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A Limpopo principal, who also opened a case of fraud against Sandile Shezi this year told City Press he received a call from the millionaire on Thursday evening offering to make a lump sum payment of R50 000 towards the money he owed him.    

“He called me around 6 pm and said he wanted to pay me R50 000. Since then, he did not pay or contact me again. I did not know that a warrant of arrest against him had been issued, but it makes sense why he called me out of the blue.”  

Shezi, who claimed made his first R1 million through forex trading reportedly defrauded several unsuspecting investors, including a retired police officer Piet Mphumela, who allegedly invested R600 000 into Shezi’s company last year.   

“He told me that I could invest a certain amount of money and that it would generate more [cash]. I would get 75% of the profits and he would take the 25%. I agreed to his explanation and he gave me an account number to deposit the money,” he said in his affidavit.   

Another businessperson, who allegedly invested R156 000 in Shezi’s business two months before Mphumela stated:  

“Problems started around September [last year] when I wanted to make withdrawals but they couldn’t process them and we did not know why as they never communicated with us.”  

Sandile Shezi denied any wrongdoing when he was contacted for a comment.    

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