Queen Minaj

Queen Minaj said that she made R1 million in 16 days. Image via Facebook @Queen Minajos

Come again? Queen Minaj shows off R1M bank balance [photos]

Ama2000 dancer Queen Minaj showed her fans and followers a screenshot of her bank balance. She explained how she made R1 million in May.

Queen Minaj

Queen Minaj said that she made R1 million in 16 days. Image via Facebook @Queen Minajos

Ama2000 dancer Lunya Makua, best known by her stage name Queen Minaj has recently left her Facebook fans and followers in utter shock after showing them a screenshot of how much money she has in her bank account.


Queen Minaj’s controversial career is seemingly taken off. She’s recently posted that she has purchased herself a BMW. And now, the Ama2000 dancer has shared her latest flex. She rushed to Facebook recently and revealed how much money she had in her bank account. She posted a screenshot of her bank account and explained just how she managed to have over R1 million in her account, saying,

“Warning: The content contained within this article features imagery which readers may find disturbing.”

“God gave us pu**y to be sold not to be eaten for free 🍑💔😫people to sell a pussy there is money. Imagine I make 1M in 16 days 😫 this thing of being eaten for free is not the same ladies the pu**y just disappears for free! And Kuuukuu must start with 20k to sell.

After seeing Queen Minaj’s bank balance, her Facebook followers were beyond shocked. Instead of congratulating her achievement, they took to the comment section and joked about the wonders of life.

Queen Minaj
Queen Minaj explained to her Facebook followers how she made R1 million in 16 days. Image via Facebook @Queen Minajos

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“I speak good English bae inside my mind. But once I open my mouth to spoke, I couldn’t can…doned it anymall bae,” @Mpgale Fix-IndiMaake joked.

“When I was young, I used to see adult people getting married. Now I am an adult [and] I see young people getting married. Kanti Kwenzekani (What exactly is going on) in this country? 😳” @Rambiana Rendani Mahseven asked.

“I remember in 1950 we were only 5 on Facebook, me, my uncle and three others. I totally don’t understand a situation like this. Today we live in a world where people waste their time to read my comment 😬,” @Abu Tiiey KA RA Boh said.

“When I saw this post, I remembered the advice my grandfather gave me at my uncle’s wedding while we were sitting close to each other next to the Music Band. The music was so loud that I couldn’t hear what he said,” @Edwinbontletsutsu Edwin commented.

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