Prince Kaybee says he is still cancelled. Image via Twitter: @PrinceKaybee_SA

‘I’m judged’: Prince Kaybee on being cancelled over leaked nudes

Prince Kaybee spoke out about how he is dealing with being cancelled after his nudes were splashed all over the internet earlier this year.


Prince Kaybee says he is still cancelled. Image via Twitter: @PrinceKaybee_SA

South African musician DJ Prince Kaybee is seemingly having a tough time making a comeback. This after his nudes were leaked earlier this year following a huge cheating scandal that left a pretty angry mistress seeking revenge.

The star has now bemoaned the fact that he has been cancelled ever since the incident happened.

Prince Kaybee says his nudes got him cancelled…for good

Over the last few years, cancel culture has become rife — not only in South Africa but across the world. This is especially true when it comes to celebrities and behaviour that is considered questionable by society.

One of the celebrities who believes that he has been cancelled is South African, is DJ Prince Kaybee.

The Fetch Your Life artist recently headed online to share how he is still cancelled after his nudes were leaked by his mystery mistress “Hazel” earlier this year. The nudes caused quite a buzz online as locals criticised him for cheating on his girlfriend while others went as far as to discuss his private parts.

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“Some people have cancelled me since that d*ck pic, so I don’t operate within the boundaries of perfection. No matter what I say, I’m judged, so let them attack,” he wrote.

Netizens offer him virtual hugs

While a few people did not seem to care about the star’s obvious hurt feelings, others offered him words of encouragement and support.

@TrinMoze wrote:

“Imagine getting cancelled because of nudes? People are weird.”

@LomsoLuu said:

“Excluding the shit people are saying about you, bro you’ve got brains.”

@NathanAuala said:

“Keep doing you, my guy! The positive & sincere energy & appreciation from your fans will outweigh the judges and their negativity. The bottom line is that you’ll stay winning.”

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