Twitter users sympathised with Kairo Forbes losing her father at a tender age. Image via Instagram @kairo.forbes

Prayers for AKA’s daughter Kairo after heartbreaking audio

Slain rapper AKA’s daughter Kairo Forbes received immense support after a tear-jerking audio about her father was shared on social media.


Twitter users sympathised with Kairo Forbes losing her father at a tender age. Image via Instagram @kairo.forbes

Fans are fighting back tears following a tear-jerking and heartbreaking message from slain musician AKA’s daughter, Kairo Forbes, two weeks after his death.

The Last Time rapper was brutally murdered with his friend and celebrity chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban on 10 February.

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AKA and Kairo Forbes
Moments that showed the love between daughter and daddy, Kairo Forbes and Kiernan AKA Forbes. Images via Instagram @djzinhle.


While fans have continuously shown support and have been praying for the rapper’s family — including his seven-year-old princess he shares with DJ Zinhle — her post on Sunday, 26 February, on Instagram prompted a great response.

In a video montage of Kairo and her father, the little girl speaks about how much she loves him. The clip was shared by the musician’s mother, Lynn “Glammy” Forbes, who runs the account.

“I love you, and…he was a good dad, and I love him,” Kairo can be heard saying in the audio.

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@oonathee_figlann wrote: “Dear Kairo. Your angel dad is watching over you and he put us in charge of you. We pray for you every day and we will always take care but most importantly you have mommy, glammy and mam Nadia. May god bless and heal your hearts❤ god is still good and god is still god”

@tink_tbw replied: “This just brought up all my childhood hurt from losing my father at age 10. I’m so angry at the killers who took away her father and robbed her of a critical source of love and teaching for her!! I’m so angry you robbed her of her dad’s love and guidance. Kairo – Im praying for you, my girl. May God hold and guide you and those left in your life to raise you. Sending you so much love!”

While @gugu77wc said: “She’s still too young to really understand, what happened. It will hit her hard as she grows older. I pray she’ll be strong enough to deal with this reality.”