Swanky revealed making one of the garments at Porsha, and Simon Guobadia’s Yoruba wedding. Image via Instagram @porsha4real/ @swankyjerry/ @iamsimonguobadia

Porsha reveals ‘YFA’ star Swanky designed Simon’s wedding robe

‘YFA’ star Swanky shared videos from behind the scenes of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Porsha and Simon Guobadia’s Nigerian wedding.


Swanky revealed making one of the garments at Porsha, and Simon Guobadia’s Yoruba wedding. Image via Instagram @porsha4real/ @swankyjerry/ @iamsimonguobadia

On Tuesday, 30 May, celebrity fashion stylist and Young, Famous & African cast member Jeremiah Ogbodo, best known as Swanky revealed he was one of the stylists behind styling The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Guobadia and her new husband Simon’s outfits for their traditional Nigerian wedding.


Porsha,41, and Simon, 57, tied the knot in a Yoruba ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta over the Thanksgiving weekend in 2022, People reported. The following day, the newlyweds reportedly had an American ceremony at a Methodist church with a reception at St. Regis Atlanta.

On his Instagram feed recently, Swanky showed off some behind-the-scenes footage with the newlyweds and revealed that was one of the designers behind Porsha and Simon’s wedding outfits, saying,

“BEHIND THE SCENES OF PORSHA AND SIMON GUOBADIA TRADITIONAL WEDDING IN ATLANTA. Being part of the creative team for the wedding was definitely one for the books and we made sure that Africa is well represented 💯 IT WAS A ROYAL SITUATION 🎊 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE KING OF STYLE.”

“SWANKY STYLING ✅🌎 💫💫 PORSHA WILLIAMS AND SIMON GUOBADIA @porsha4real @iamsimonguobadia 🤴🏾👸🏾#NOSWANKYNOSTYLING #2022 #KING #SWANKYJRY #ATLANTA STYLED BY THE FORCE @swankyjerry CLIENT: @iamsimonguobadia 🤴🏾”

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In another post, the flamboyant and over-the-top stylist shared his experience working with the couple, saying,

“Being part of the creative team for @porsha4real and #simonguobadia wedding was definitely historical 🤌🏾 One thing about me, I will start with a bang and finish with a banger 💥💥💥💥 #NOSWANKYNOSTYLING Thank you to my client @iamsimonguobadia for trusting my craft and talent. Special thanks to Mrs Guobadia “@porsha4real you are all round stunning and gracious and definitely the happiest bride ever.”

According to one of Porsha’s posts, she revealed that Swanky had designed Simon’s Agbada (Nigerian robe/gown).

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Porsha, and Simon Guobadia warried over Thanksgiving weekend in 2022. Image via Instagram @porsha4real


“❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌,” @porsha4real reacted.

“These are the kind of stuff young famous and African production should be showing because this is your talent, this is how you get your money, this is what made you famous but all they want to show is drama, drama, and drama!!!!” @brajuke suggested.

“This is the kind of content we want to see on young famous and Africa 🔥,” @lee_loh said.

“Nobody does it like Swanky 👑,” @iamino_b wrote.

“International swanky 😍😍😍,” @official_mercyeke replied.

“Only Swanky can 👌🏼🔥🔥🔥🥂,” @bibyonce commented.

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