'Podcast and Chill'

Rob Hersov on ‘Podcast and Chill’. Image via YouTube @MacG

Rob Hersov: ‘The mafia controls Eskom’ [WATCH]

Businessman Rob Hersov discusses being a billionaire, the EFF, ANC and how Eskom is run by the mafia in ‘Podcast and Chill’ interview.

'Podcast and Chill'

Rob Hersov on ‘Podcast and Chill’. Image via YouTube @MacG

The South African businessman Rob Hersov revealed in the latest episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG that the mafia is ruling Eskom.  

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[WATCH AT 48:33]


The billionaire Rob Hersov, who was the latest guest on Podcast and Chill interview on Thursday, 6 October episode previously revealed to the SABC that the mafia runs Eskom and the board is made up of clowns.  

When MacG asked him how he would fix load shedding?  

Hersov replied:

“Basically Eskom is broken. The mafia controls Eskom. Andre de Ruyter is a great guy, but he’s not gonna be able to fix the mafia. There’s the diesel mafia, the cable mafia.”  

The power utility has been struggling to keep the lights on for South African citizens and rolling blackouts have been a norm.  

Hersov also slammed the ANC government and said the party was never meant to rule the country.  

“They were never designed to run the country, they were designed to destroy apartheid and win the war. The ANC is chaos because they don’t speak with one voice.”  

He also reveals he doesn’t have a relationship with EFF leader Julius Malema in the Podcast and Chill interview and says that Malema is an opportunist, who doesn’t believe half of the things he’s saying.

“The EFF will destroy this country faster than even the communists.”

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According to News24, Hersov comes from a long line of businessmen. His grandfather, Bob Hersov, founded one of the biggest mining companies in southern Africa, AngloVaal, which was run by his father Basil between 1973 and 2001.   

The Cape Town-based businessman, who is also a Harvard Business alumnus, is the chairman and chief executive of Invest Africa, an investment platform that runs in Johannesburg, New York, Dubai, and Geneva, Switzerland.   

According to Crunch Base, Hersov is also the chairman of VistaJet, a private aviation company, the African Leadership Network, and Adoreum, an exclusive membership-only club for business people, academics, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs. 

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