Black Coffee enhle mbali

Enhle Mbali seemingly forgives Black Coffee.
Images via YouTube screenshot/ Instagram: @@enhlembali_

No Enhle? Chillers claim Black Coffee podcast is a ‘scam’

Many ‘chillers’ are fuming after they were left disappointed by MacG and Black Coffee blue-ticking his ex Enhle Mbali on Podcast and Chill…

Black Coffee enhle mbali

Enhle Mbali seemingly forgives Black Coffee.
Images via YouTube screenshot/ Instagram: @@enhlembali_

If you thought Black Coffee’s interview on Podcast and Chill was all about dragging ex-wife Enhle Mbali for filth, you’re sadly mistaken. This is the word from many “chillers” who’ve already watched the episode, who’ve gone as far as to accuse MacG and co. of “scamming” them into paying money to watch the episode.

On Thursday, 24 February, the podcast interview premiered on the big screen at selected cinemas around South Africa. A day later, paying subscribers got the chance to watch the episode via the YouTube channel.

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Ahead of the premier, Black Coffee’s interview on Podcast and Chill stirred up controversy on the premise of his messy split from Enhle Mbali.

The actress and Grammy-winning DJ split in 2019 after eight years and two children together. The divorce was a nasty and public one, with allegations of affairs, abuse, and even neglect making headlines.

Black Coffee, however, has always maintained that he was innocent of all allegations, and fans of MacG’s Podcast and Chill believed he would use the platform to set the record straight.

Enhle Mbali
Tweeps suspect Enhle Mbali wants an interview with CNN. Images via Instagram @enhlembali_ @realblackcoffee.

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However, the interview took a different turn when Enhle was seemingly blue-ticked from the conversation.

Needless to say, many were not impressed. A few even accused MacG of exploiting their loyalty…

@ChrisExcel102: “MacG really scammed us in this Black Coffee episode. We wanted all the juicy details! We were not interested in anything else!”

@UncleMwitzz: “So basically, MacG and the team lied, because they marketed the whole thing on Black Coffee addressing the allegations by Enhle Mbali on this episode.”

@LKMamabolo: “MacG scammed us! Nothing was said about the relationship, yet on the promo video he was heard asking if Black Coffee misses Enhle”

@Ke_Arturo: “I want my money back, MacG.”



According to Podcast and Chill, Black Coffee’s interview will be available to stream for free on their YouTube channel on Thursday, 2 March.