Pearl Thusi Queen

Queen Latifah loves Pearl Thusi. Images via Twitter: @musa_khawusa/@PearlThusi

‘Keep doing your thing’: Queen Latifah gives Pearl Thusi a shoutout [watch]

‘Maybe one day we’ll do something together’: Queen Latifah just gave SA actress Pearl Thusi a big shout out. Take a look…

Pearl Thusi Queen

Queen Latifah loves Pearl Thusi. Images via Twitter: @musa_khawusa/@PearlThusi

South African social media users are super proud of local actress Pearl Thusi who appears to be making big strides in her career. The actress’ latest contribution to the movie world has gotten her a thumbs up from American actress Queen Latifah and her fans absolutely love to see it.

Queen Latifah praises Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi recently starred in an American movie called Wu Assasins: Fistful of vengeance and it appears she did amazingly portraying her role in the martial arts fantasy.

The Isono star just received a special shoutout by American actress Pearl Thusi who praised Pearl for her acting skills in the movie which is currently pulling big numbers in the USA.

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In the video shared by entertainment blogger Musa Khawula on Twitter, Queen Latifah can be heard saying:

“Pearl Thusi … I just wanted to give you a shout-out to let you know sister you are strong and bad. I’m watching you do your thing, you keep doing your thing and one day maybe we can be able to do something together. That would be hot,” she said before adding a young wink.

Mzansi is super proud

Queen’s post left both Pearl and her millions of fans feeling super proud. Many of them shared congratulatory messages and well wishes with her.

@ItisSamhere said:

“I am jealous. Ain’t gonna lie. I want you to recognize me too, so can I help resurrect your rap career by ghostwriting for you babes?”

@keo_thokwane said:

“Big up to this do your thing girl the invitation is out from the queen grab it with both ????”


“Pearl should just date @IIKHUNE_32_16…as they’re both internationally recognized. I remember @PReina25 once said “every time @IIKHUNE_32_16 plays, he records”…..”

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