Pear Modiadie denies dating Andile Ncube. Image via Instagram @pearlmodiadie.

Pearl Modiadie relationship status: Taken…but not by Andile Ncube

Metro FM host Pearl Modiadie denied dating Andile Ncube but… she revealed that she is in a private relationship with a mystery man.


Pear Modiadie denies dating Andile Ncube. Image via Instagram @pearlmodiadie.

Radio personality Pearl Modiadie has denied rumours that she is dating reality star Andile Ncube via her Instagram story on Monday 25 April. 


City Press reported that Pearl Modiadie and Andile Ncube were seen “cuddling and kissing” at Tashas in Morningside about a month ago. This sparked romance rumours between the pair.

Two staffers from the restaurant claimed the pair looked “cosy and touchy.”

“They came [here] last month. (Pearl and Andile) sat at the table next to the tree and were holding hands and touching one another like a couple,” said the source.

“They even left together and kissed in the parking lot in front of a lot of people. (Pearl and Andile) looked very cosy and touchy,” said another staffer.

The Metro FM host did confirm that she and Andile went out to Tashas for breakfast but as friends, not lovers.

“We are friends, we are not dating, we are good friends,” she said to the publication.

“Call Andile and ask him. We are just good friends. I have not seen him in quite a long time,” she continued.

“We did go to Tashas. I mean, friends do go for breakfast every now and then, don’t they? We are not together,” she added.

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Andile was believed to have had a fling with fellow Young, Famous and African star Zarina Hassan, popularly known as Zari The Boss Lady. The pair often flirted on social media. It is unclear what happened between the pair after the series ended.

Pearl announced her split from the father of her son, Nathaniel Oppenheimer in January 2021. It seems she has since moved on but not with Andile. The radio personality released a personal statement denying the romance rumours between her and Andile but she says she is in a relationship. 

The Metro FM host and her partner are, however, keeping their relationship private.

“With regards to the @city_press article regarding my personal life. I am not in a relationship with the said party. I’m in a relationship that my partner and I have decided to keep private,” she said.

“Please also note that I am merely putting this out as a sign of respect to our families, close friends and to clear this matter,” she continued.

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