Palesa Madisakwane clears the air on comment about Somizi’s mother. Image via Instagram @palesam.

‘Clips are edited’: Palesa on controversial comment about Somizi’s mom

Somizi’s ‘baby mama’ Palesa Madisakwane cleared the air on her ‘controversial’ comment about his mom. Take a look…


Palesa Madisakwane clears the air on comment about Somizi’s mother. Image via Instagram @palesam.

Actress Palesa Madisakwane cleared the air on a comment she made about her “baby daddy”, media personality Somizi Mhlongo’s mother Mary Twala via an Instagram post Tuesday 24 May.


Palesa Madisakwane previously revealed how Somizi’s mother Mary Twala reacted when she found out about her pregnancy. She said that Twala acknowledged that Somizi was different from other boys and offered to keep their now 26-year-old daughter Bahumi with her. 

Somizi’s ‘baby mama’ Palesa and his daughter Bahumi. Image via Instagram @bahumimhlongo.

“When I went to speak to Somizi’s mother and his sister, I remember Somizi’s mother saying ‘my child, you can see how Somizi is. He isn’t like other boys. Give us the child and go on with your life,” she said.

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Palesa realised that this may have been taken the wrong way and decided to clear the air. The actress said that Somizi’s mother was not ordering her or taking the baby away from her but she wanted her to go back to schoo’

“When ma said I can give the baby to them, she was not ordering me, she was not insisting or taking my baby away from me. As a caring and loving mother she was to me she meant she will take care of my baby and she loved me enough to want to see me go back to school and make a good life for myself,” she wrote.

Palesa went on to say she was allowed to fetch Bahumi at any time. She also cautioned viewers that many of the clips from the reality series are edited because of time. So, she urges viewers not to misinterpret her comments.

“Anytime any day I was allowed to fetch my baby and visit my baby hence I became part of the family. Please note most of these clips are edited out because of time. So please do not misinterpret or misunderstand the conversation. God blessed me with a beautiful and loving mother and family. May her beautiful soul rest in peace,” she continued.

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