Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius’s father Henke has shared his hopes and concerns ahead of his son’s parole hearing on Friday, 31 March.
Images via Instagram: @oscarpistorius/ REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/POOL

Oscar Pistorius’s dad prays for parole and ‘acceptance’

Oscar Pistorius’s family have expressed fears that public opinion could sway the parole board’s decision on Friday…

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius’s father Henke has shared his hopes and concerns ahead of his son’s parole hearing on Friday, 31 March.
Images via Instagram: @oscarpistorius/ REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/POOL

While the parents of Reeva Steenkamp are praying for Oscar Pistorius to be refused parole, the father of the convicted murderer is doing the opposite.

Henke Pistorius is hoping, and praying, for a miracle that will see his son get an early release from prison. He is also hoping that his son is accepted back into society.

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A decade ago, Oscar shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva on 14 February 2013. He will face a parole hearing on Friday, 31 March at the Atteridge Prison in Pretoria. Oscar has become eligible for parole after serving half of his 13-year and five-month murder sentence.

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Speaking to Netwerk22, Henke Pistorius expressed his fears ahead of parole D-Day.

He said: “The negative public opinion will play a role in the parole board’s decision. I accept that. My only option is to wait, pray and resign”.

Henke’s sentiments that the parole decision could be swayed by public opinion was echoed by his aunt Heidi Drew.

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She previously told Huisgenoot: “My fear is that the public will not allow him to recover and adjust. And not going to allow him to just peacefully become home again.

Oscar Pistorius
Paralympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius (L) reaches out to his father,Henke Pistorius during the third day of Oscar’s hearing for a resentence for the 2013 murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, at Pretoria High Court, South Africa June 15, 2016. Image via REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/POOL

According to Drew, the family is “ready and waiting” to welcome Oscar back home.

She added: “We pray all the time that Oscar will be able to come home. And when he comes home, there will be a whole family full of love waiting for him. We will cherish him, and we will hug him with love and make him feel safe. He will be surrounded by many people who believe in him”.

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Meanwhile, the Correctional Supervision Parole Board will convene on Friday to decide if Pistorius is fit to complete the remainder of their sentence outside of prison.

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The parole board will evaluate recommendations made by professionals like psychologists and correctional officers, who will determine the following; 

  • If the offender is remorseful for their actions
  • If the offender has been rehabilitated and can be reintegrated into society
  • The risk of the offender re-offending or posing a danger to the community

The board will also accept a submission from the offender – written or oral – in which he pleads his case. Additionally, the board will accept submissions by the victim’s family – the Steenkamps – of their decision to support or oppose the parole application.

According to the Steenkamp family lawyer Tanya Koen, Reeva’s mother, June will attend the parole hearing.

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Koen told Netwerk24: “We will make written representations, and June will also deliver her victim-offender statement in person.

“June will tell the parole board what impact the events had had on their life. The parole board will then look at the information placed before them and decide whether the offender really shows remorse, has been rehabilitated, and would pose a danger to society if he is released.

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“They will then make a decision if parole is granted or not.”