Orania, Sizwe dhlomo, gayton mckenzie

Sizwe Dhlomo’s comments about Orania has been labelled ‘insulting’.
Images via Twitter: @sizwedhlomo/@gaytonmck

Sizwe dragged over Orania tweet: ‘Not only blacks are cleaners’

Straight outta Orania: Sizwe Dhlomo has been dragged for insinuating that black people are the only hired domestic help in the country.

Orania, Sizwe dhlomo, gayton mckenzie

Sizwe Dhlomo’s comments about Orania has been labelled ‘insulting’.
Images via Twitter: @sizwedhlomo/@gaytonmck

Sizwe Dhlomo has been accused of “race-baiting” after he responded to the experience of politician Gayton McKenzie, who spent the night in Orania – a “whites only” town in the Northern Cape.

The Patriotic Alliance leader reflected on his experience in a Twitter thread shared over the weekend.

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Over the weekend, Gayton McKenzie made an overnight stop in Orania. The purpose of the visit was to meet with local leaders and learn more about the unusual town.

Sharing a lengthy Twitter thread, the PA leader came to the following conclusions:

  • Orania is a white-only town. Black people are not allowed to buy land or stay there. According to leaders, this is a means to “preserve” the Afrikaaner culture
  • The town does not permit any embers of the LGBTQ community to enter the town
  • The population is about 3000 people, and residents thrive on keeping the town clean
  • Orania has its own currency -Ora – and even its own Reserve Bank registered bank. It also has its own flag
  • The town has multiple thriving businesses which employ residents
  • It is self-sufficient with its own schools, factories and hospitals.
  • Afrikaans is the only language spoken and taught
  • Despite having a small population, the town has “futuristic” financial practises
Gayton McKenzie, Orania
Former Central Karoo mayor Gayton McKenzie defended his decision to visit Orania, a whites-only town in South Africa. Images via Twitter: @GaytonMcK

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Reflecting on the experience, he added: “The saddest part abt Orania is that they are doing exactly what we should be doing in SA, which is building infrastructure, technical schools, empowering people, and have dreams. I met the leaders of Orania, and they are all very idealistic. Just a pity that it is only for Afrikaners”.

He added in a separate tweet: “I don’t need to agree with people on everything to learn from them. Orania has many lessons to learn, good & bad”.


Responding to Gayton’s thread, Sizwe Dhlomo was intrigued that black and brown people had no place in the small town.

He tweeted: “Tell me, who works in Orania? Housekeepers, gardeners, etc. What race are they?”

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While Gayton gave him the obvious answer – “Whites” – other Twitter users were not impressed by the Kaya FM’s train of thought. In fact, many lambasted Dhlomo for insinuating that specific jobs were reserved for non-white people in South Africa.

Here’s how tweeps clapped back at Sizwe…

@zwellym: “Haibo, is it only black people who suppose to work as gardeners/cleaners?” 

@TheCouncilWolf: “Are being gardeners & housekeepers the exclusive domain of black people? That’s very insulting”.

@DikhingFrance: “Are you trying to say domestic work it’s only for us blacks?”

@DonnyDunn: “Contrary to popular belief, most white  people clean their own houses and cut their grass.”

@ConCaracal: “Everyone does their own work. I thought not exploiting black labour was supposed to be a good thing?”

@VincentPsychSA: “Who do you think cleans houses all over Europe? America? China? Russia?”