Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai just freed the nipple on Twitter. Image via Instagram @miss_ntsiki_mazwai.

‘I never thought Beyoncé was pretty’: Ntsiki Mazwai on ‘light skin privilege’

Ntsiki Mazwai set tongues wagging when she said that Beyoncé is not pretty but she is just reaping the benefits of light skin privilege.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai just freed the nipple on Twitter. Image via Instagram @miss_ntsiki_mazwai.

Controversial poet Ntsiki Mazwai set tongues wagging when she said she never thought iconic American singer Beyonce Knowles was pretty but it was just her light skin privilege, via a tweet on 28 March. 


Ntsiki Mazwai took an aim at Beyonce via a series of tweets on Monday 28 March. The controversial poet noted that she did not think the Drunk In Love hitmaker was pretty. Instead she thought Beyonce benefitted from light skin privilege – the privileges people who are light in skin tone receive. This ties in with colourism, where people of darker skin tones are discriminated against. 

So, Ntsiki started her morning at 05:00 with a rant… but she restricted the comments to be safe. Take a look…

“One more unpopular opinion…. I’ve never thought Beyonce was pretty, just light skin privilege ????????????????????Morning!!!!!!,” she tweeted.

She went on to say that because of the makeup and weaves, Beyonce does not fit her standard of beauty. 

Ntsiki’s fans and followers warned her that the Beyhive – Beyonce’s fan base – would be coming for her. 

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This is all too familiar to South Africans because of how Anele Mdoda and Kelly Rowland allegedly have beef. This is because Anele commented on television personality Sizwe Dhlomo tweet saying that Kelly “only looks amazing with makeup,” two years ago.

Anele went on to post photos of Kelly with and without makeup and she faced severe backlash from both South African and American Tweeps. 


Since then every time either Kelly trends on Twitter so does Anele and vice versa. Anele also often gets dragged for comments until this day. So, could this be what Ntsiki is in for after her comments on the beloved Queen Bey?

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