Ntando Duma nipple

Ntando Duma just freed the nipple on Instagram. Image via Twitter @dumantando20

Celeb photography agency sues Ntando Duma for copyright infringement

Actress Ntando Duma is allegedly being sued for R200k after failing to credit a photography agency in a social media campaign.

Ntando Duma nipple

Ntando Duma just freed the nipple on Instagram. Image via Twitter @dumantando20

South African actress Ntando Duma is allegedly being sued for breach of contract after she failed to credit celebrity photography agency, Pixel Kollective, in a social media campaign with local snack manufacturer, Simba. 

The photography agency further alleges that the Rhythm City actress and her management team altered their images without their consent. As a result, they are demanding R200 000 from Duma. 


According to City Press, photography agency Pixel Kollective is suing Ntando Duma for using their images in a social media campaign with Simba without crediting them. As per the publication, the 26-year-old actress was informed verbally that she should credit Pixel Kollective when posting their images on social media.  

“Upon becoming aware of the unauthorised use, the plaintiff [Pixel Kollective] through its representatives, dispatched a notice of infringement,” state the court documents filed at the Johannesburg High Court. 

“The social media marketing campaign was intended to take advantage of social networking to help the third defendant [Simba] increase its brand exposure and broaden its customer reach.”


Pixel Kollective told City Press that the actress “deliberately” ignored the terms of their agreement. The celebrity photography agency also alleged that Ntando Duma altered their images for the social media campaign. 

Pixel Kollective has demanded R200 000 from Ntando Duma but her management, MMS Communications, is yet to respond. 

The actress has deleted the images of the campaign with Simba off her social media accounts. 

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Simba spokesperson Deborah Ann-Sherwood highlighted that the company was not directly involved in the dispute. 

“My understanding is that it’s between those two parties and doesn’t involve us,” said Ann-Sherwood.

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