Dineo Ranaka

Nota Baloyi dragged Dineo Ranaka. Image via Instagram @lavidanota/ @dineoranaka

‘She loves attention’: Dineo Ranaka dragged by Nota Baloyi

Dineo Ranaka recently shared that she was having suicidal thoughts. Nota Baloyi dragged her for filth in a series of Tweets.

Dineo Ranaka

Nota Baloyi dragged Dineo Ranaka. Image via Instagram @lavidanota/ @dineoranaka

On Tuesday, 23 May, controversial music executive Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi came for radio personality and reality TV star Dineo Ranaka unprovoked on Twitter after she recently bravely shared that she was extremely depressed.


On Monday, Ranaka took to Instagram and revealed she was experiencing suicidal thoughts and that she was trying her best to stay alive. According to Kaya FM, she was said not to have gone on air as per usual on that particular morning. In a statement released by the radio station, people were asked to keep Ranaka in their prayers and they were also asked to respect her privacy during this time.  

Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka shared she was experiencing suicidal thoughts. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka


On the other hand, as soon as Nota got hold of the saddening news, he rushed to his timelines and dragged her for filth in a series of Tweets, calling her an attention seeker.

“Dineo Ranaka went on-air at Kaya FM calling me an abuser & made me out to be an unstable person… She body-shamed women I worked with on-air before & never apologised even after I told her manager & I’ve still been fair to her. She loves attention, why have kids if you’re selfish?” Nota said.

Nota went on to say,

“There’s a man struggling to take care of himself, breaking his back day & night just trying to ensure he doesn’t go to bed hungry with no sympathy. A celebrity then posts about how it’s so hard to manage all the opportunities life has given her so now she wants to kill herself.”

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One Twitter user responding to Nota’s Tweets said, “There is a line between fair commentary and disregard for shared humanity, especially in such a serious situation. What will you achieve through these rabid tweets insulting Dineo & her children? You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat matters children.”

Meanwhile, another Tweep wrote, “I don’t think it’s fair to belittle people’s mental battles because they have money. If your only problems are money-related [then] you truly need to realise how blessed you are. Some problems cannot be solved with money.”

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