Bonang Matheba

Nota Baloyi had a mouthful to say about Bonang Matheba. Image via Instagram @musakhawula/ @lavidanota

‘She couldn’t get to my level’: Nota Baloyi on Bonang Matheba

Nota Baloyi had another thing coming when he decided to come for Bonang Matheba online. He found himself answering to netizens roasting him.

Bonang Matheba

Nota Baloyi had a mouthful to say about Bonang Matheba. Image via Instagram @musakhawula/ @lavidanota

The season 2 trailer of Young, Famous & African trailer was recently released and a quick line said by media personality Bonang Matheba in the clip has had many online user’s jaws dropped, however, when controversial music producer Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi gave his two cents, netizens suddenly had a change of heart.


After going quiet on social media for some time, Matheba was interview on YFM by Nia Brown, Mthaux and Okay Wassabi. She was said to have explained that since the Covid-19 pandemic, she has not been in a rush to get back to work, TshisaLIVE reported.

The 35-year-old reality TV star reportedly shared she had taken time to travel more and was also in a relationship. Although she has not been confirmed anything, she is rumoured to be dating Major League DJ Banele Mbere.

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In the Netflix reality series trailer, the outspoken media personality could be heard saying,

“I f**ked the biggest stars in Africa.”

The controversial music producer could not pass on the opportunity not to entered the chat and said,

“Not me though… I don’t do community kuku (vagina)!”

According to The Citizen, the TV personality has previously dated DJ Euphonik, rappers Slikour and AKA, and Nigerian superstar D-banj. She was also said to have been rumoured to have dated South African soccer player Simphiwe Tshabalala.

While most online users agreed that what Matheba said in the trailer was tasteless, when Nota jumped into the comment section to share his own opinion, they weren’t interested in what he had to say.

Instead, they roasted him and reminded him that he was not an A-lister, and advised him to stick to his lane.

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In an act to defend himself, replying to one of the online users bashing his comment, Nota said,

“How do you know of me if I’m not the most influential South African you know? She couldn’t get to my level, she was busy with B-list stars!”

“You’re not a star. You wouldn’t know one from a comet so shut up!” the controversial music producer replied to another online user.

Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba is on season 2 of ‘Young, Famous & African’. Image via Instagram @bonang_m

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“@lavidanota bonang doesn’t have time to be “babysitting a grown man… who needs 🧏♂️medical attention” You couldn’t even stay married for longer than 2 years,

@realname_thato said.

“@lavidanota, askies but you don’t fall under that category….maybe if she said irrelevant,” wrote.

“He forgets that we know his tantrums and his ex-wife more than we know of him and his work😂😂😂uzibona eyi star naye😢 akafiki nakulo B list ke (then). If angayeka ama tantrums sokhohlwa ngaye (if he would stop the tantrums, we would forget about him) very fast,” @lerato_sj commented.

“We know him by association, not because his a star! 😂😂😂🚮,” @sthe_blaque replied.

“Men also do it 😂😂😂why can’t she do it ✊🏽im proud of she hmmmm,” @danie_bubble asked.

“This is not the flex she thinks it is,” @goddess_ises said.

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