Mzansi youth choir, nightbirde, america's got talent

Mzansi Youth Choir performed a NIghtbirde cover at an America’s Got Talent audition.
Images via Instagram: @mzansiyouthchoir

Mzansi Youth Choir: Nightbirde’s family praise SA singers [watch]

Mzansi Youth Choir’s cover of a Nightbirde song at an ‘America’s Got Talent’ recent audition left the late singer’s family in tears.

Mzansi youth choir, nightbirde, america's got talent

Mzansi Youth Choir performed a NIghtbirde cover at an America’s Got Talent audition.
Images via Instagram: @mzansiyouthchoir

The family of Jane Marczewski – commonly known as Nightbirde – gave the Mzansi Youth Choir their stamp of approval after the latter performed at an America’s Got Talent season 18 audition.

The group of South African singers blew the judges away after they performed a cover of NIghtbiirde’s original song; It’s Okay. The US singer – who appeared in season 16 – died after a battle with breast cancer in February 2022

Mzansi Youth Choir were awarded a group golden buzzer, progressing to the competition’s semi-finals in August.

The choir’s successful audition comes days after South African Musa Motha secured a spot at Britain’s Got Talent finals.

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Mzansi Youth Choir, who had the entire room in tears with their audition, received praise from Nightbirde’s brother Mitch Marczewski Jr.

He told People: “It was simply amazing to see…I was deeply moved by their performance. I didn’t think anyone could cover Jane’s song on AGT, but they proved me wrong.”

Mitch also reflected on his sister’s musical reach to fans as far as South Africa. He continued: “It’s humbling to see how far Jane’s story has reached and how many people it has touched.

“In some ways, it isn’t surprising because hope is a universal language that Jane’s story embodied so well, but it’s still surreal to think that a small-town girl’s story could empower so many people across the world.”

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Just three years after the Ndlovu Youth Choir made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent, their music counterparts are on their way to doing the same.

The group dazzled the judges – Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mendel – and received not only a standing ovation, but a group golden buzzer.

And there was not a dry eye in the house following their beautiful, harmonious performance. Even Simon Cowell – known for his stern, serious personality – was quickly moved to tears.

simon cowell, america's got talent, mzansi youth choir
America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell was moved to tears with South African singers Mzansi Youth Choir’s audition. Images via YouTube screenshot

He said: I know how much this would’ve meant to her. Right until the end, she was so passionate about sharing her music.

He added: “You’ve come here with the most amazing tribute. It was just breathtaking. Honestly”.

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The audience and the judges were in agreement that the group was deserving of the group golden buzzer. 

Reflecting on their song choice, a group member said: “This song has been such a pillar of strength for our choir through difficult times. 

“We just want to continue her legacy, and that’s why we chose this song.”

Mzansi Youth Choir will now progress to the competition’s semi-finals in August, reports News24.