Adulting/The River

‘Adulting and ‘The River’ actor Nhlanhla Kunene. Image via Twitter @Tee__MB

Nhlanhla Kunene reveals why he’s celibate, doesn’t drink [WATCH]

[VIDEO] ‘The River’ and ‘Adulting’ actor Nhlanhla Kunene reveals why he doesn’t drink alcohol and why he’s not having s*x.

Adulting/The River

‘Adulting and ‘The River’ actor Nhlanhla Kunene. Image via Twitter @Tee__MB

Actor Nhlanhla Kunene, who plays Eric in Adulting and Ndumiso in The River says he doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t engage in s*x.

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The talented actor Nhlanhla Kunene, revealed in an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG alongside his Adulting co-star Luthando “BU” Mthembu that he doesn’t like alcohol because of the side effects.

“Having a headache and bad breath in the morning.”

He admits that he’s drank alcohol before when he was younger/teenager but made a choice that it’s not for him.

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The River, Adulting and Justice is Served actor Nhlanhla Kunene also reveals that he’s not chasing women and riding on the fame wave.

“Sex is spiritual kakhulu (a lot). When your body meets a woman’s body when you are naked, there’s so much going on in that moment.”

“There are men that are not working at the moment in the township because they had sex with the wrong people.”

“There are so many things happening at that moment, like energy transfers. Some women have abortions, some miscarry without knowing.”

“So, if you have a spiritual eye, you understand spirituality and energy more than anything, you’ll understand what I am trying to say.”

Kunene, who previously revealed to Drum that he’s the last of four siblings raised by their domestic worker single mom also said he’s focusing on building his family a home and supporting his family.

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