Lady Du

Image via Facebook: Lady Du

Is ‘Zuma yiStar’ singer Lady Du the most educated artist in SA?

Lady Du captured Dudu Zuma’s heart with her song ‘Zuma yiStar’. Now she’s impressed peeps by saying she has 19 qualifications – not everyone believes her though…

Lady Du

Image via Facebook: Lady Du

A few weeks ago South African musician Lady Du left her fans and supporters buzzing after posting about all her qualifications. Her post blew up as many locals took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

Here’s how many qualifications she has…according to her post.

Lady Du, the singer with many many talents

Amapiano musician Lady Du has been getting a lot of attention lately, some good and some not so good. Just last month she was having a breakdown following the death of her close friends Killer Kau and Mpura.

And then she was trending because of a song she has got written for former president Jacob Zuma called Zuma yiStar (Zuma’s a star). Peeps are once again talking about the singer who claimed she has 19 qualifications under her belt and should be treated with respect.

“I take everything I do seriously you can take me anywhere I have 19 qualifications I’m not just a musicianI’ve worked with cars, logistics, in the beauty industry. I have a fire fighting qualification, health and safety, anatomy and physiology.Not the normal one ke Mina, she wrote.

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Here’s what locals have to say about the 19 qualifications:

While some praised the singer, others were not buying it one bit. Some questioned how she was able to get that many qualifications in such a short period of time:

Tshifiwa Matshiva said: 

“I love your versatility. It is inspiring. You are the epitome of “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. May God continue to bless and favour you Queen. :raised_hands::skin-tone-6::yellow_heart:

Adv Thato Lamola wrote:

“So it took you 12 years to get those 19 qualifications? You were born in 1991 completed matric in 2003/2004. So those 19 qualifications you’re talking about are you sure they are qualifications or certificates of competencies? I have a feeling I will be blocked”

Onica Mercy asked:

“Are you counting from Grade 1 or after matric? Is it short courses? Anyways I’m inspired”

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