Nadia Nakai’s ex Vic Mensa busted for drugs. Image via Instagram: @nadianakai.

Nadia Nakai’s ex Vic Mensa shares lovey-dovey clip with new girl [watch]

Moving along swiftly: Rapper Nadia Nakai and her American bae Vic Mensa ended their relationship just recently…and Mensa has already posted a new girl. Take a look…


Nadia Nakai’s ex Vic Mensa busted for drugs. Image via Instagram: @nadianakai.

South African Twitter users have been left with a ton of questions after local rapper Nadia Nakai’s ex-boyfriend Vic Mensa shared a clip of himself looking all loved up with a new girl. In the clip, the pair appear to be having the time of their lives with Nadia nowhere in sight!

Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa…here’s what happened

Just a few months ago, Nadia Nakai was leaving her thousands of fans feeling all sorts of happy, and at the same time, jealous of her budding romance with 26-year-old American rapper Vic Mensa.

The rapper first slid into Nadia’s DM and in April this year, they confirmed that they were indeed an item. Shortly after that, we were all bombarded with snaps of the two of them having a blast while vacationing in Mexico and doing music video shoots in Ghana.

Fast forward just a few months later, Nadia confirmed that they are no longer an item.

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This hasn’t stopped the rapper’s fans from being shaken by a clip that Vic Mensa posted on Twitter and Instagram of himself looking all sorts of in love with a beautiful young woman.

Hilarious reactions to the latest development

After spotting the video that was shared in the early hours of Tuesday 22 September, Mensa can be seen going to a carnival with the young lady with who he also shares a passionate kiss. South Africans can’t believe that he managed to move on so swiftly. Many of them shared hilarious comments about it online.

@RonaldTmello asked:

“And then wena you broke up with Nadia?”

@itsmanjobruh wrote:

“Where’s my good sis, Nadia? sigh.”

Seeing that he is a musician and they do tend to take their work very seriously, this may just be a music video. Judging by the comment section, Nadia Nakai fans certainly don’t think so…

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