Dr Musa and Liesl.

Dr Musa absolutely loves Liesl. Image via Twitter: @LieslLaurie

From Dr Mthombeni to Dr Love: Musa praised for loving wife Liesl so boldly

Dr Musa Mthombeni has left thousands of tweeps gushing over his romantic tactics with wife Liesl Laurie. Some find it creepy though…

Dr Musa and Liesl.

Dr Musa absolutely loves Liesl. Image via Twitter: @LieslLaurie

Only about a year ago, South African TV personality and medical professional Dr Musa Mthombeni started dating his now-wife, former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie.

The couple surprised many of their supporters when they revealed that they were engaged. And now Dr Musa is being praised for taking husband life so seriously.

Dr Musa is certified #HusbandGoals

A few months ago, Dr Musa and Liesl Laurie wowed most of South Africa with their stunning wedding photos. And now Dr Musa has gotten the attention of thousands of locals who just can’t get over how romantic he is towards his new wife Liesl.

The reaction comes as Musa continues to shower Liesl with love and affection in various social media posts – almost as if he can’t believe that he is married to the woman of his dreams.

When he isn’t showing off his wife, he is in the comment section of her posts hyping her up the way a husband should – or at least that’s what South Africans think.

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Ladies love to see it

Many Twitter users have since been tweeting about how romantic Dr Musa is while praising him for being unashamed of showing the world how much he loves his stunning wife. As a result, Dr Musa was trending as people discussed how sweet he is:

@Thembisile_Q said:

“I love how loud Dr Musa is loving his wife. Anyone who sees anything wrong with that has never loved or been loved. The fact that it seems so bizarre to you guys shows me how low the standard of love is on this app. I’m not gonna argue with y’all. I said what I said.”

@Butterkid2 said:

“We are a sad generation sisi wam, we think showing love is a sign of weakness”

Not everyone is cool with it though

Just a few weeks earlier Dr Musa’s ample affection became too much for some netizens.

A lot of them expressed how they thought he was overdoing it just a little while questioning the fact that Liesl doesn’t do nearly as much as Musa when it comes to showing off the relationship.

“Dr Musa is the perfect example of what not to do as a man when you’re in a relationship. When a man pedestalizes a woman, believes he doesn’t deserve her & acts like she is better than him that Relationship will soon crumble in due time. Women just can’t help but lose attraction,” wrote Twitter user, @UDeinfluence.

Meanwhile, the conversation took a turn for the worse when people started tweeting that Dr Musa was borderline obsessed with Liesl because of her fair skin.

Those opposing that notion wasted no time rubbishing such talk:

@SisLoveJoy said:

“African Men in general hate seeing women being loved loudly. There is nothing wrong with what DR Musa is doing. Now men are bringing his skin tone, women don’t care about a man’s skin tone.”

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