Musa Mseleku and MaKhumalo star on ‘RHOD’. Image via Instagram: @musamseleku.

‘RHOD’: Have you slept with any man after marrying Musa Mseleku?

Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku was asked whether she slept with any other man after marrying polygamist Musa on the latest episode of ‘RHOD”


Musa Mseleku and MaKhumalo star on ‘RHOD’. Image via Instagram: @musamseleku.

The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) ladies played a confessional game while on a getaway at Nambiti on the latest episode of the show which premiered on Friday 18 March and Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku was not impressed.


Londie London booked the ladies away on a vacation to Nambiti lodge in Ladysmith but the getaway did not come without any drama. The travel arrangements were the first issue. Sorisha Naidoo had a private jet but it could only accommodate half the ladies while the other half had to drive. 

So, Nonku Williams, Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco and Mabusi Seme were all frustrated at the long drive. When the ladies arrived at the lodge, Londie delivered the bad news that only a few ladies could stay at the lodge she booked and the others had to stay at a lodge that was 45 minutes to an hour away. 

Londie did not compromise on a room for her son’s nanny so most of the ladies stayed at the other lodge. Jojo was not in the mood at one of the bush bruch’s because she felt guilty for being at a getaway while her husband just had a heart attack.

LaConco also dragged Londie London. She said there is a difference between old money and new money because of the way she dressed – Gucci from head-to-toe.

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As if that was not enough drama, Londie pulled out some “confessional” questions. Each of the ladies were asked ruthless questions. 

Sorisha was asked about her skin bleaching, Nonku asked Ayanda Ncwane to pay damages for her child and more. 

So, MaKhumalo also got asked an uncomfortable question which made her feel insulted. 

“Have you ever slept with any man after marrying Musa Mseleku?” she was asked. 

MaKhumalo was first insulted but then denied that she cheated on her husband. Musa is a proud polygamist who has four fives and is rumoured to be taking on a fifth.

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