Facts about Mr Smeg

Facts about Mr Smeg
Image via Twitter

Who is Mr Smeg? 5 Facts about the social media star

Who is the man that will be taking Pearl Thusi out on a second date? Her is what we know about Twitter personality Mr Smeg ….

Facts about Mr Smeg

Facts about Mr Smeg
Image via Twitter

Mr Smeg is one of the biggest Twitter influencers in Mzansi.

He’s funny, engaging and is a real people’s person, But little is known about the man behind the social media account – Michael Bucwa.



Many are familiar that Smeg is actually a luxury lifestyle brand which manufactures high-end appliances. So what does a kettle have to do with the tweep?

According to Mr Smeg, his persona was created during lockdown in 2020 when he studied the happenings on social media

He told Drum magazine: “The idea came from me noticing how brands play such a big role in people’s lives and how being seen with a certain name brand tells the story of the type of person you are.

“Sometimes people who have achieved success and acquired material wealth tend to want to show it off and I found that to be funny because I come from nothing and I had to work hard. So I decided to play on that humor and I became Twitter famous for it.”

The star now posts with his bright red kettle in weird and wacky scenarios on his Instagram account. With Mr Smeg scoring an advertising deal with Mercedes-Benz this week, will he likely change his name to Mr Merc?


He’s not just a handsome face and chiseled body – Mr Smeg is actually an qualified electrical engineer.

The 36-year-old is based in Pretoria where he works as an engineering systems analyst in a large automotive company.


There is no denying that Mr Smeg is a good looking guy – he is both well groomed and health conscious.

According to the PE-born man, he is a self-confessed gym freak and watches what he consumes.

He added to Drum: “I am on a strict Ketogenic diet which is high in fat with adequate-protein and very low-carbohydrates. I fast and do intense daily workouts. I also hold a black belt in judo”.


Mr Smeg has over 600 000 Twitter follows who lap up his humorous posts

The famous tweep is known for his famous lines describing well known stars as “beautiful”, motivational quotes and inspirational and entertaining threads.


After being catapulted to fame after his national date with Pearl Thusi, the tweep has become even more of an Internet celebrity

He now even has tons of fan accounts who mimic his every move.