Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly. Image via Twitter @Moonsanelly

Moonchild Sanelly: ‘From black to Indian, I’m transracial’

Sanelisiwe Twisha, aka Moonchild Sanelly has shared that she is now transracial and refers to herself as an Indian.

Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly. Image via Twitter @Moonsanelly

Musician Sanelisiwe Twisha, who is professionally known as Moonchild Sanelly shocked her fans when she revealed she’s transracial and now refers to herself as an Indian.  

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The talented musician Moonchild Sanelly shared she’s transracial and is now Indian on her social media account.   

“From Black to Indian I’ve been feeling very exotic lately it’s an exciting process,” she wrote.  

Sunday World reports that transracial people refer themselves to a different race than the one they were associated with when they were born. They need to adjust their appearance to make themselves look more like that race, and they may participate in activities associated with that race.  

The publication adds that the singer has followed in the footsteps of British-born influencer Oli London, who also revealed that they now identify as transracial Korean.  

The influencer shared the news in June last year that they had transitioned between races and cultures, after a series of surgeries.  

Moonchild seems to be going through a lot of changes as she also revealed that she has found love, after announcing her break up with her girlfriend in February this year.  


The South African musician also made headlines in June when she got a shoutout from the creator and executive producer of RuPaul’s Drag Race in June for her new album!   

Taking to Twitter on Sunday 12 June, RuPaul tweeted a Spotify link to Moonchild’s new album with the caption: “New Album: Moonchild Sanelly”.   

Responding to the shoutout, the 34-year-old muso wrote: “I’m shook and so grateful. Thank you, RuPaul.”  

Following RuPaul’s shoutout to Moonchild, Mzansi tweeps praised the muso for receiving recognition of one of America’s most-loved drag stars!   

“The recognition is not something to sleep on,” wrote one tweep.   

“No greater compliment than being sirened by the supermodel of the world. Shout out Moonchild,” wrote another tweep.    

“Moonchild Sanelly got a nod from Beyoncé and now RuPaul?! She’s unstoppable!!” 

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Moonchild Sanelly. Image via Twitter @JacintoScorgie