(Left) Moneoa with ex-boyfriend Phiwe Maphanga and (right) Tasneem Montara with husband Phiwe Maphanga. Images via Twitter @MusaKhawula and @Lunganiho41

Moneoa alleges Phiwe Maphanga scammed and abused her

Singer Moneoa alleges ex-boyfriend Phiwe Maphanga, who is married to ANC’s Tasneem Motara ruined her career, scammed and abused her.


(Left) Moneoa with ex-boyfriend Phiwe Maphanga and (right) Tasneem Montara with husband Phiwe Maphanga. Images via Twitter @MusaKhawula and @Lunganiho41

Singer and actress Moneoa Moshesh- Sowazi alleges that her businessman ex-boyfriend Phiwe Maphanga, who’s married Gauteng ANC deputy provincial secretary Tasneem Motara abused her and scammed her.

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The Afrobeat singer Moneoa revealed on Friday, 19 August night on her Instagram account that her ex-boyfriend Phiwe Maphanga, who’s married to the ANC’s Tasneem Motara still owes her R500k, ruined her career and used to beat her up during their relationship.  

She also revealed that he once beat her up after complaining about her refusal to give her breakfast on New Year’s day a few years ago.  

“He would hit me on my face, and I would black out. At some point he had his knees on my shoulders and his hands around my neck when I told him that he was killing me he said he would never kill me, but he was teaching me a lesson and that is how the Range Rover came about. It was not a gift he bought for me because he felt guilty. He said the car will be in my name and he will pay because he would lie effortlessly and I would believe him. He never paid it off. The bank continued to debit from me because the car was in my name, I ended up getting evicted because I could not afford my apartment,” the songstress claimed.  

The songbird also revealed Maphanga told her to leave her record label Gallo and join his company, Dynasty.  

“I cannot have access to my music, my album is not available on any major streaming platforms, and I cannot perform any song from my album Ziphinkomo. He made sure that he capitalized on the fact that I like my privacy, so he used that to his advantage. I lost my home appliances that were worth more than R500 000 because of his guy. He would block me or ignore my calls when I wanted him to pay for all these expenses.”  

Tweeps discovered that Maphanga is now married to Tasneem Motara and has a child with her.



“I can’t believe that man swindled and abused my crush Moneoa. She must fight that man until she gets what’s rightfully hers!” 

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