Mohale slams transphobic jokes. Images via Instagram @mohale_77 @demithedoll @vuyodabula.

Vuyo and Demi The Doll scandal: Mohale slams transphobic jokes

Mohale Motaung slammed MacG and Sol Phenduka’s ‘transphobic’ jokes about Vuyo Dabula’s alleged affair on an episode of ‘Podcast And Chill.’


Mohale slams transphobic jokes. Images via Instagram @mohale_77 @demithedoll @vuyodabula.

Actor and radio personality Mohale Motaung slammed transphobic jokes about Vuyo Dabula’s alleged cheating scandal via a tweet on Monday 29 November. 


Mohale Motaung slammed “transphobic” jokes made on an episode of Podcast And Chill with MacG via a tweet. Sol Phenduka spoke about Vuyo Dabula’s alleged cheating scandal with Demi The Doll but their reaction was not well received. 

“Shame man, that had to happen to Vuyo. An amazing guy. I saw him last week at Auckland Park. Yeah he likes riding beautiful transies,” said Sol.

“I saw a picture of the trans woman… she’s beautiful. I’m like she’s trans?,” said MacG.

“Why were you surprised that she’s trans? She’s beautiful,” said Sol.

“I mean she looks like a woman bro,” said MacG.

“She is a woman. A trans woman,” responded Sol. 

Take a look at the clip…

A Tweep thought Sol and MacG were “legendary” for these comments but Mohale did not agree. Mohale slammed Podcast And Chill for their transphobic jokes. 

“Legendary with what? Making transphobic jokes? K!” tweeted Mohale.

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An Instagram user who goes by Demi The Doll alleged that she had an affair with Generations: The Legacy star Vuyo Dabula. She said that their romance began when she saw him viewing her stories so she sent him a Direct Message (DM).

“How it started was I found him stalking my Instagram, twice, he was watching my story and I saw blue ticks and I thought he was cute and whatever,” she said.

She claimed that she did not know he was married and became angered when she found out so she exposed him. 

“He said he is a single father, and you must know I do not watch Generations… And the thing is I did not even know he had a wife…Is he married, why is there no information about his wife?” she said. 

“I’m here for one reason only and that is because he is a tranny chaser, he’s trash. He slept with other women,” she continued.

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