Mobi Dixon

Mobi Dixon said he has taken legal action against a woman from Bloemfontein. Image via Instagram @mobidixon

‘Defaming the artist’: Mobi Dixon responds to assault allegation

Mobi Dixon was reportedly accused of assaulting a woman in May. In a statement shared on Instagram on 17 June, he responded to the claims.

Mobi Dixon

Mobi Dixon said he has taken legal action against a woman from Bloemfontein. Image via Instagram @mobidixon

In a statement released on Saturday, 17 June, South African DJ and music producer Mobi Dixon—real name Mabi Ntuli took to his popular Instagram account with 107k followers and shared that he had been assaulted and racially harassed by a guest house owner in Bloemfontein.


According to his statement, after performing at a gig in Bloemfontein on 21 May, out of the blue, an un-named middle-aged white woman began demanding that Mobi Dixon and his team leave the premises. Not only was she said to have accessed one of Mobi Dixon’s team’s room without notifying them, but, she was said to have randomly walked out of the room and began throwing racial insinuations and verbally harassed them.

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At some point, she was said to have managed to grab Mobi Dixon’s wallet and in her attempt to kick all of them out of the premises, she was said to have resulted in physically assaulting the BHUTIZA hitmaker. A Protection order was said to have been issued against her and a case of common assault was also said to have been opened.

“Further legal action will be pursued as the woman has subsequently gone on public platforms defaming the artist’s persona with unfounded statements in a character assassination attempt,” read the statement.

Mobi Dixon
Mobi Dixon released a statement addressing assault allegation. Image via Instagram @mobidixon

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According to Sunday World, Mobi Dixon and his team were left with no choice but to abandon their booked rooms and spend the rest of the night in their vehicle. The following week, the City Rains hitmaker reportedly left the country for his tour and left the matter pending with his legal team. Upon his return, to his surprise, he was informed that an assault case was opened against him. He was quoted as saying,

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“I was contacted by Park Road SAPS informing me that Megan Houghton had laid a charge of assault against me whereas she [is the one who] harassed me racially, humanly and physically.”

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